Thank you ladies 🌼

To all you beautiful women…

Thank you for those times when I was at my lowest, you gave me a helping hand, you believed in me more than I did in myself, you supported me throughout and did not give up on me.

Thank you for those times when I was at my best, you celebrated with me, you applauded me, you were proud of me and you encouraged me in order to achieve more.

Thank you for teaching me how to be independent, yet work together with others.

Thank you for listening to me, time and time again, for knowing when I need to vent out and when I need time alone, for bringing me a cup of coffee without me asking for it or when you showed up at my door for a chat and a glass of wine😊

Thank you for your unconditional love, for making me your priority. Thank you for your faith in me, you make me feel stronger than I really am.

To my mother, sister, aunts, sisters in law, colleagues and friends – you all made an impact in my life. These words are a thank you to all.

To all the followers of this fashion blog – thank you! You encourage me to fulfill my passion. I honestly hope I give you something back with my light hearted blog posts😊

Thank you and love to all



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