One for the men…. ladies read on 😉


Yes, this is a fashion blog for women, however I had requests both from the ladies and even from men to provide a few tips and ideas on male fashion. I was not quite sure what to tackle, but here are a few tips both for the men and the ladies to assist when asked, in the clothes department.


I think this is one for the ladies…. we are sometimes willing to give up comfort for the sake of an outfit (think corsets, high heels, tight trousers….). Well most of the men I know are not willing to do so! So, let us not try and insist that the slim fit shirt is the one they should buy or that the pointed lace up shoes will eventually give in and be super comfortable in a week’s time 😉 HOWEVER…. listen in gentleman please…. you can try a slim fit shirt one size bigger than you would typically get… make sure the shoulder points do not slump off the shoulders and that the collar is not too loose. If this is the case, opt for a normal size fit shirt. When it comes to shoes, today most outlets sell wide fit shoes, so you can still have your stylish shoes in a wider size fit. No excuses 😬

Comfort is important to you gentlemen…. however this does not mean that you should look scruffy 🙂 So if you wear suits to work, make sure that the shirt is ironed and tucked in neatly in trousers. Please wear a belt…! I will dedicate a section below to colours….:) If on the other hand you dress casual on a daily basis – make sure you invest in a good pair of jeans or casual trousers. You need to try different ones to see which is the best fit and most comfortable for your shape. I personally don’t like when formal shoes are worn with jeans. I prefer a more casual pair of shoes. If you are opting for a smart casual look, try suede coloured shoes.

Some different looks

One of my favourite looks for men, is a suit worn with a t-shirt underneath and a pair of cool trainers. I love the mix of smart and casual. It is sporty yet can look very chic, clearly you have to be able to pull it off guys 😉

The puffy waistcoat – this can be worn with a shirt underneath to give it a smart twist or worn with a t-shirt underneath to sport a casual look. Perfect for this time of the year when it is not cold, however still fresh.

If you are more of adventure person – there are some brands like Timberland which have flannel shirts and canvas jackets which look pretty cool.


Ladies…. men have a list of very few colours. To them peach is a fruit not a colour so we need to be specific here 😉

Gentlemen…. not all colours blend in together 🙂 Here are a few basics, paired up with my personal taste.

Think basics – blacks, browns, cream and blues. These colours are your base and then mix other colours accordingly. I prefer the Italian style of blues with browns and I am not a fan of blue and black…. especially with blue suits and black shoes…😒UNLESS it is the Armani blue 🙂 Armani blue and black…. way to go! (Personal taste here )

Armani suit

Don’t be scared of bright colours – especially in summer. Red, pink or orange t-shirts or shirts look great with a sun tan. Then again – a white rolled up shirt with beige Bermudas or linen trousers does look chic and simple:)

Belts and shoes need to match and what about socks… I personally don’t mind these being in a different colour and having prints – these can be fun even with suits. So if you can pull it off – go for it!

So these were literally a few tips, for the men. I hope both ladies and gents found this post interesting – let me know whether you would want me to post similar blog posts once in a while – always great to have your feedback.

In the meantime I am selecting pics from the photo shoot taken two Sundays ago…. can’t wait to share these with you all!

Have a good week ahead!



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