Outfits by mood…?😊

Hello ladies!

I find that as much as I like preparing the outfit I will be wearing the following day, the ootd depends a lot on my mood. So as much as I like being organized and planning my outfits…. my mood may affect the outfit I decide to wear.

Adding some positive vibe

Some people tell me that if they are feeling a little upset or demotivated they tend to just grab what’s comfy and an easy to wear outfit and go with it. I actually do the opposite…. I put effort and time to plan my outfit when I feel a little negative or demotivated and go with an ensemble in which I will feel confident and gives me the positivity I need. It works with me…;) You may be asking, what kind of outfit gives me that vibe…? It could range from a tailored dress to a pair of trousers paired with a blazer, but the outfit will always include heels (of course!) and a smart bag 😁 I take the time to apply my make-up and ensure my hair looks tidy and neat. Then chin up and breathe in and I face the day ahead with a more positive vibe. Of course, to each his own… see what works for you. Sometimes you feel you want to add colour or do the actual opposite and wear your lbd… I believe the trick is to take the time and think, find out how the outfit you will wear can help you in changing your mood 🙂

Fun Outfits

There are times when my mood is a fun one and I decide to go for a more colourful outfit, especially when going out for the night. As much as I love classic jewellery I did buy some fun costume jewellery, like my desigual banana ear rings and a mouse brooch which I sometimes add to a serious outfit. Apart from adding colour and wearing quirky or fun jewellery, I sometimes also experiment with the hairstyle – half hanging style with a bun at the top or adding thin braids.

My banana ear rings 😁
Hanging mouse brooch

Rock chick

If I wake up to the sound of Metallica, then off I go with a mood for blacks, purples, ripped jeans and leather pants or jackets…;) I actually never go fully blown rock mode in my attire, however I do love mixing elements which are typically associated with rock and metal to my outfits… when I am in that mood. Ripped jeans paired up with a body suit, open booties and a leather jacket. Add some dark aubergine coloured lipstick and rock on for the day!

Romantic feel

I am told I am not a very romantic person….. boooo:/ In all honesty I don’t like being very soppy and having grand displays of affection in public….however I do have my own ways of being romantic… this sometimes is also reflected in my ootd 🙂 So what would qualify as a romantic outfit…? To me it’s florals, maxi dresses, ruffles, flowy dresses….. add beaded hairbands and flowers to your hair or pull your hair to the side in a long thick braid or let your curly hair down… and voila, c’est romantique 😍

These are just a few moods I find myself in and how I adjust my outfits depending on how I feel. So next time you meet me try guessing what mood I woke up in ..:-p Let me know how you decide what outfit you will be wearing for the day…. is it dependent on your mood or do you just plan in advance…?

Have a lovely day and a good week ahead!

Take care



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