What lies beneath…😉

Good morning ladies!

Today’s blog post will address a matter which I feel is essential to look good in any outfit….. wearing the right underwear! Ladies, a few pointers of what I believe is essential:

  • It is not for the world to see – they are called undergarments for a reason
  • Ensure you know your size
  • choose the right underwear for your body shape


Clearly, cotton is the best fabric from a health perspective. It is breathable fabric and causes less allergies. It does not mean that we cannot wear silk, lace or satin underwear. Ensure you alternate between the various materials and wearing cotton more frequently. Today the variety in the market is vast.

Keep in mind that some fabrics will show and if you wear lacey underwear beneath a cotton t-shirt or linen trousers. Be mindful of this when choosing what outfit you are wearing.

Getting the size right

This is key! If it is a size too big, it ends up sagging or rolling. On the other hand wearing underwear in a smaller size looks absolutely horrendous with bulges under your clothes…. and we don’t want that! 😊

Measure yourself and go for your actual size, it needs to feel like you are not wearing anything. This applies also for your bra size. Today most lingerie shops offer to measure you and help you finding the right size. You will look good in your right size and also, having the wrong size can cause harm.

Too tight 🙊


We all have different body shapes and alas, we are not all Victoria Secret models..;-) But that’s ok….. today we are blessed with shops, both physical stores and online shops which offer a wide selection.

You know your bodies, so choose the underwear keeping this in mind. I personally never manage to get rid of the love handles at the side of my waistline…. so French cut underwear will amplify these so I avoid it. If you have a tummy and want to conceal it 😉 go for wide waist underwear and not low waisted. If you are curvier at the hips, avoid thin waist bands.

Personally I believe the best underwear is the seamless one. It does not show beneath the clothes which is exactly the point 🙂 if you think having lacey underwear showing beneath your outfit is sexy…. think again…. it’s tacky!


Make sure you have nude colour underwear in your wardrobes… it is a must! It is the safest colour as it won’t show under most outfits…. especially under white garments. There is the misconception that you wear a white bra and pants beneath white clothes…. they actually show…. go for nudes!

Having said all this…. we can have some fun playing around with colours too:) obviously be careful what to wear coloured underwear with…. remember it should not show 🙂 Most women get a feel good factor by wearing matching lingerie and experimenting with styles and colours … and why not?! Just be mindful of all the tips above 😊

There are a number of shops locally to purchase your underwear, and a lot also online…. Victoria secrets deliver to Malta…( and they do have sizes other than a size zero;) Bravissimo online is great for women with heavier busts…. a great selection to choose from. Next online also have underwear and provide a selection by size and shape, so it is actually of great help!

Have a good week ahead!

Take care



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