What to wear this festive season 🌟

December is here and this is the season for after work drinks, parties, balls, gala nights and celebrations, but this also means that we need the right outfit for these occasions….what to wear, what to wear?! I will be outlining a few ideas for you to create different looks for this festive season.


This all depends on the event you will be attending. If you are heading for drinks with your friends after work but you don’t have to time to change, grab a pair of jeans and high heeled shoes perhaps with some sparkle and voila’ you are all set for a night out with your friends.

During this time of the year it is good to invest in party tops, as these can be worn with jeans, tailored trousers, midi and miniskirts; they are the most versatile addition to your wardrobe and you can also  enjoy these not only during the festive season but as eveningwear during the rest of the year.

Work Christmas parties ….this is always a huge headache for a number of people. You want to look good and stylish yet not want to walk in with short skirts or backless tops, you need to have the right outfit and not look boring. The best thing to do is to keep it simple yet with a little more chic ‘oomph’ than usual. Sleek black pants, glittery blouse together with the right accessories. Go for A line skirts or a midi dresses and dress it up with glittery block heel shoes.

Cocktail parties

These are the fun outfit parties, where you can up the glitter and sparkle to the normal week end look. Enjoy experimenting with such outfits and feel glamourous.  This does not mean that you are restricted to wearing dresses full of sequins – you can play around with your outfits and look fabulous. Include gold and silver which are considered to be neutral colours with your outfits, You can wear you black trousers and top and wrap a large gold scarf around your waist. If you are comfortable with shine and sparkles go for it , however go plain with the bag and shoes otherwise you will look overdone.

Balls and Gala nights

Red carpet look for the night and go for fully blown diva look with long dresses. The style will depend very much on your shape. A line dresses or fish tail styles – you have to try these on to see what best suits your figure. I have also seen ladies wearing tuxedos paired up with a cool pair of high heeled stilettoes and oh did they make an entrance…


Depending on the style of the outfit you then accessorize accordingly, If your outfit is full of sparkle then go for plain accessories. If on the other hand your outfit is simple you can afford to dazzle up with accessories including some fun hair clips and bands which are available. Beaded hairbands are very much in fashion and they do give that extra sparkle to your outfit. Faux fur is also very much in, add a stole or cape with a fur collar and you have elegance par excellence! You can add some shine to your make up and experiment with some bold lip colours.

Finally, as I always say the best way to look good is feeling comfortable and confident in what you are wearing …wear the smile, chin up and here’s wishing you a fantastic festive season.

Lots of love



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