And she’s back…☺️

Hello everyone!

It has been a while since I last posted a blog post. Sometimes we get carried away with our daily tasks and overlook the little things we enjoy, in my case blogging about fashion…and other things too.

COVID has changed what in the past was second nature to us, mainly the social aspect. When I stop and think at how surreal it is that meeting my mother means I have to wear a mask and stand metres away from her, that going to the office and meeting colleagues is only when necessary and a hand shake is out of the window.

Dressing up is part of this social element…going to the office or out meeting friends – we dress up even if casual, thought goes into it. When spending a lot of time at home, that enthusiasm to dress up fizzles out BUT don’t want to spend days in joggers and hoodies!

Given restaurants are still open in Malta, we do go out for lunch or dinner on occasions and meet some of our friends “our bubble” 🙂 on such occasions I take time to pick my outfit and enjoy planning what I will wear, however more than the outfit I appreciate the time with family and friends in person as opposed to video calls… and can’t wait for the day when a hug is just fine once again!

A couple of weeks ago, five of us met up for a drink (or two;) and a take out and then spent the evening singing along to songs from different times and of different genres…so simple yet music is a powerful means of bringing people together and expressing emotions through music.

This was not much of a fashion related blog, however it was needed from my end 😉 I promise you more fashion related blog posts will be up!

Let me know of any particular topics you want to read about…maybe tracksuits and pjs…😜

Here is wishing you all a lovely Sunday and week ahead.

Put on your favourite music and sing along and dance, and everything will feel a little bit better 🙂

Take care



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