Love Yourself

Good morning all ☺️

Let’s’s start off with a few disclaimers before you proceed to reading this blog post. Firstly, I am not a Valentine Day’s fan, I am told I am not a romantic, and finally, I am no therapist and whatever I state here today are my views and sharing my experience. Ahhh…important point, I know this is a fashion blog, but today’s post is not about fashion…

So, today is V Day, and as I stated above, I am no fan. Perhaps when I was a 14 year old it used to be exciting….sending and receiving cards and buying little gifts, today I feel it took on such a commercial spin that buying flowers just because it is Valentine’s Day, is not for me…BUT it is a day where we should celebrate love…between partners, friends, family…and here is a reminder to love yourselves.

I am sure most of you thought that this would be a blog about bubble baths and face masks, given the title…but it is not quite that today 🙂 Sometimes, we go through phases in life where we complain about a situation or a circumstance we are in. I went through it, a few years ago, where I was going through , what was for me a tough patch. I resorted to self pity, and disbelief of what I was going through. I was lucky to have the support of family and friends, but it was only when I realized that I was the only one who could change my circumstances, did things start to get better!

It is a journey and it takes time, but if you find yourself feeling unhappy about a situation you are in, remember you are in control and you and only you can make the change. I found that once I recognized that I can do something about it…I worked towards what I wanted to alter and improve. And that is actually loving yourself, knowing that sometimes you need to move away from certain places or people…

So today, the day we celebrate love, have a think, are there little changes you want to make to love yourself more…? 🙂

And now on a final note, as I feel this was rather heavy for a fashion blog… for those who state I am not a romantic…Give me flowers any day but V day, I will be over the moon. I prefer experiences as gifts rather than objects (it does not mean I don’t appreciate gifts…;) and send me poetry and my heart will melt….so who said I am not a romantic….?😜

Enjoy your day and love yourselves, and celebrate with the ones you care for

Take care



2 thoughts on “Love Yourself

  1. Well said and to add Valentines is every day if we love others and primarily love ourselves. Yes it is commercial, but it is also nice to reach out and shout Love to all and sundry. So love 💕 to everyone.

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