Autumn/winter season…what’s in store 😄

Hello ladies!

New collections for the autumn/winter season are round the corner…so let’s have a look at what’s in and what we can dig out from our wardrobes.

I am following the latest trends on fashion websites and online magazines. I also went round the shops to see for myself what common themes are being displayed in the windows. The general feel seems to be a mix of inspiration from the 1920s (yeahhh!) and 1990s (a lil less exciting for me;) It’s all about colours, prints, layering and sequins…


Saturated shades appear to be the headline for this coming season. Designers have put mustards, lemon yellow, rusts and bubblegum pink on their catwalks. It is always convenient to have neutral colours in your wardrobe, however if you want to be in line with latest trends, you may want to buy a couple of pieces in a bold colour to mix and match with your neutrals…;)


The Oversize Coat and Hats

If you typically go for fitted coats…think again this season. Oversize coats which take us back to 1920s era, are in! Also, it is no longer about the classic black coat…it’s all about colours this season. Hues of greens, pale blues, pinks and rust to complement an outfit can be seen displayed at the shops. AND hats, hats, hats…:) The bucket and rain hats are here to stay for the Autumn/winter…I cannot wait to get hold of a stylish hat for this season…



Trousers beneath a dress, crop tops over shirts…(anyone recalls the 90s…?;) and the sweater vests…! If you want to follow this season’s trend without spending much, shop sweater vests…you can find these in high street stores in various colours, different knit patterns and textures. They are so easy to pair up with different items 😉

Let’s sparkle

The roaring 20s were all about the sparkle and shine…and designers felt that due to the pandemic and people being locked up for a long while, we needed to be reminded of good times, going out and being the life of a party by shining our way in through an event. So if you’re bold enough…don’t hold back and go for full sequins dresses or trousers. If you are not too keen or comfortable in a full sparkly dress, you may opt to pair your outfit with a sequins jacket or find a skirt with a touch of sparkle

Elisabetta Franchi

To conclude…

These were just a few trends we will be seeing in this season’s collection. I will be writing about more specific items and how these trends can be best adapted for different shapes and sizes. Remember it is not about what is in fashion, but also what you feel most comfortable in!

Let me know should you have any questions in the comments…and I ll be happy to help:)

Wishing you all a great week



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