Party season…a few outfit ideas…🎊

Good morning!

We are heading into December…how did this happen…? Time indeed flies…! So a couple of weeks ago I placed a poll on Insta asking which topics you would like me to blog about, and party wear was the most voted for. So read on for a few ideas…:)

Sparkle ✨

As already mentioned in one of my previous blogs, sequins are in this year, and clearly there’s no better time to wear sparkles than Christmas season 🙂 You can go for sequin dresses, skirts or trousers and in the case of the latter two mix with other fabrics. What I realllly want to get and find so cool, are sequin joggers. You can pair these with runners for a casual look, yet still great for a party, or put on a pair of heels and voila…c’est tres chic…

A sequin with fringe dress…for an all out sparkle look! From Zara
In love with these sequin joggers from ASOS…heels or runners…sooo cool!
Another pair of sparkly joggers from asos
A little less in your face sparkly from warehouse Uk …to pair up with jeans, trousers or a long skirt…😍

The Tulle or taffeta skirt

You may think that this style of skirt can only be worn for a party and following thy thrown back into the wardrobe. People may not want to invest in these skirts as they can be deemed to be ott. It is sooo not the case. These skirts can be worn all year round and are so versatile. They can be worn with jumpers, blouses, sweater, crop tops, heels, trainers, booties…and every time you crate a new outfit by changing just one item! I love love love them…and highly recommend having a tulle or taffeta skirt that suits your body shape in your wardrobe. Here are two pics of me last year, with same skirt, different shoes…different style:) I am also posting some other pics for ideas.

A denim shirt with a tulle skirt looks just great!
Melissa Mcarty in a tulle skirt ❤️
Taffeta skirt from Verve boutique

Blouses 👚

Blouses are always great to have in your wardrobe…you can wear them with jeans for a more casual/smart look or with a skirt for a more feminine soft look 🙂 Depending on your body shape you can either go for ruffles, or high collar, bow ties at the collar, add a brooch for a more sophisticated look…ideas are endless. Here are some ideas below…

A silver shirt is a classic to have in your wardrobe…an evergreen
Leather shirt from Verve boutique
Add a brooch to a blouse for a classic look…😍

Hope these ideas help you out with your party wear this year!

Reach out if you have any questions…always happy to help!

Have a good one



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