Online shopping vs in store shopping

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all keeping well 🙂

I put up a few pics in past weeks, but haven’t written a blog post in a while. To be honest it was a mix of me being busy but also apathy from my side for different reasons…but the passion in what I love doing is always deep within…so here goes…☺️

A couple of weeks ago, I was chatting with a friend about online shopping, given we were both locked inside and up until recently shops were closed in Malta (clearly I am referring to clothes, shoe, make-up stores etc and not grocery shops 😂). My friend lives in a foreign country, and she also had to resort to online purchases.

I believe both have advantages, and I will list down the benefits and also pointers to keep in mind, especially when it comes to online shopping.

Online Shopping

The sky is your limit with online shopping. Many of the retail outlets and make-up stores have their items on sale online. Throughout the COVID-19 many outlets actually vamped up their websites and online service to meet the customers’ demands.

Having said that…I still end up shopping online from the shops I normally visit, and you ask…WHY…? Well, I know the style, my size and quality of the products. If trying out new outlets to shop online (even if not really ;), ensure they have a return policy…read it carefully and ensure you can either change or return the items and get your money back.

I find that with online shopping, I am more aware and so more careful on how much I spend, as I get to see the total before I actually purchase the items, whereas if I am in a shop and just grab the items I like, I normally end up looking in disbelief at cash point…🙄

With online, you have the ability to choose the exact item you want; if it is clothes, you can choose whether you want to view trousers, t-shirts, filter by colour or size. If it’s make-up, the brand, product etc. Another advantage to online shopping is that many allow customers to read product reviews from people who purchased the item in the past.

If you have a very busy lifestyle and you don’t enjoy the experience of going into shops to buy your clothes, shoes etc…then online is your obvious choice. I find people with kids find online shopping for the children very useful. They can buy in bulk for the following season.

In store shopping

I do shop online, however to me the experience of going into my favourite boutiques and make-up store is no comparison! But this is me:) With the relaxation of the Covid measures, I put on my mask (fashionista mask made by mummy…just saying 😉), and went to my two favourite boutiques and make-up store. I felt like a little child walking into a candy shop 🙂

Online shopping may provide choices, in store gives you clarity. You can feel the texture of the fabric, see the exact colour (sometimes when you purchase something online, the colour may go really wrong!) you can try out the item and see how it actually fits and whether it gives you a feel good factor.

If you are anything like me, the best part of in store shopping is that there is no waiting time…even although there is an element of excitement when you are eagerly waiting for a purchase to arrive 🙂 If I am having a bad day which can be brightened by some retail therapy…in store is instant and that thrill of a shopping bag around my fingers…bliss (especially if it contains shoesss :-p

Another advantage to in store shopping, is that you can go with a friend and actually make an outing of it. A friend and I used to plan a shopping day, which included breakfast, round the shops, go to the car and place our bags in the luggage boot, continue shopping, stop for a coffee, back to the car to place more bags and off to dinner… ☺️

So those were a few tips and also my feelings around online and in store shopping. I do a bit (or a lot 🤦‍♀️) of both, but hands down…I prefer in store anytime, especially when going to my favourite boutiques and stores who know me well, and I get treated like a queen 😉

Let me know your preferences 🙂

Have a lovely weekend!

Much love