I ain’t no princess but…

Good morning 🙂

You must be wondering what this blog post is about…😉 It’s interesting to see what people think of us, or how they perceive us and what they believe we are. Of course, this is based on what we show or want to show the person we’re interacting with.

So I found it quite amusing that for some I’m seen as one who wants to be in pretty dresses all day and surrounded by people attending to my requests…(who wouldn’t…?😜) I can see where this princess version of me came from. I do like my pretty dresses and having my hair done and putting effort in co-ordinating and creating outfits.

But…I do put my hair up in a bun and clean my wash hand basin drain…;) I also work hard and I give my all in what I do, that is how I was raised. I was also taught to enjoy the benefits of the hard work, which means yes I do enjoy dressing up to the nines and going to a fancy restaurant. It’s not my everyday, it’s the pleasures I enjoy.

I guess we all have different facets of our personalities, and some people get to see some of them. Quite frankly…I discover a little bit about myself on a daily basis. So, there will be days I feel like a princess and others like a Cinderella…but hey we grow, we evolve and work to better ourselves.

So wear your pretty dresses or your joggers if that’s who you are and never judge a book by its cover 😉

Have a lovely week everyone…😘



Fashion and age…the ongoing saga!

Hello and hope you’re all having a lovely wend 🙂

Sooo, today’s blog is one, which I’m sure we all have different views and “rules” on. When is one too old to wear a mini skirt or crop tops…? Can you were bright colours when over sixty or seventy ? And so on and so forth… Below are my views and none of them are rules, but these are the basic principles I like to follow.

Styling the outfit

Some people believe that once you hit forty mini skirts and crop tops should be thrown away😮 Mmm..then I should have done so myself already but I didn’t! I believe that it is how you style mini skirts and crop tops, and quite frankly…at any age! If I wear a mini skirt, I make sure that I do not wear anything skimpy at the upper body. I would pair up a mini skirt with a shirt, blazer or polo neck. I am also careful on what shoes or boots to style it with. When it comes to crop tops, I don’t opt for very short ones, also because I don’t have the abs…;) But I do like having just a little mid riff out for the summer, so I pair a shortish top with high waisted trousers. So the skin actually “appears” with movement. I believe it is key to look at your outfit in totality.

UK fashion blogger Kat Farmer, 40 plus 🙂


I heard this very silly notion that people over seventy should not wear bright colours…😩 I’d love to know who comes up with such rules! My mum is seventy five and she hates black and loves a bright coloured outfit, and she doesn’t look silly but actually stylish and smart. Key here is knowing what colours flatter your skin tone and then play around with those colours. I find that what I wear is dependent on my mood and sometimes I need colour to lift my spirits. So, there is no age when you should stop wearing colour! Go for it…😊

Iris Apfel…100 years old. She looks amazing!


One positive thing about aging, is that with it comes confidence and the older one gets…the less you care what people say and think about you. These rules around what you can and cannot wear at a certain age is because some people judge and feel that some items are inappropriate at a certain age. I think that some people will always find something to criticize others about, so firstly let us not be that person. Secondly, look at your whole outfit and think…is it flattering, does it enhance and flaunt my body shape? If you feel uncomfortable in it…don’t wear it, even if everybody else tells you to do so. You will rock and outfit only when you feel comfortable in it. That doesn’t mean you should not go out of your comfort zone, but do so in small steps.

Get inspired

There is more to write about on this topic and I will definitely get back to it at some point. In the meantime, I recommend you follow fashion bloggers of your age group and you will be inspired with many cool outfits. So let’s not think about rules and restrictions but outfits and accessories to make us feel good 😊

Here’s wishing you a lovely Sunday and a great week ahead!

Lots of love your way



Flamenco…a way of life

Hello all!

It’s been a while. My focus for the first two months of this year had to be elsewhere and I could not dedicate the time to the blog. A couple of weeks ago my friend and director of the flamenco school I attend “Algeria” , asked me whether I’d like to join her for a few days at the flamenco festival in Jerez. I gave it some thought, and when I learnt that a Maltese dancer was performing at the festival, the decision was easier 🙂

I spent literally three days in Spain at the festival, just enough to switch off for a while and escape the realities the world is going through. Even though my photos mainly consist of Ingrid and myself at a table in a plaza in the sun, with tapas, in truth it was much more than that.

Soaking the sun…and tapas..;)

The shop owners, restauranteurs and artists who had gotten used to the Maltese ‘delegation’ going year in year out to the festival (especially our Miss Ingrid;) , but did not see us for the past two years were overjoyed to see that we were back. You could tell that it was not only a matter of finances and this year they finally started seeing some activity but also because their art was being celebrated and the atmosphere which the festival brings with it was not present in these last two years, due to travel and other restrictions. You’re back, you’re back is what they were telling us and the emotion amongst us could be felt!

The performances were spectacular, the song, dance and music mesmerizing. You come to realise that during the hard times, art was put aside, neglected and it is the time when people need it most. The arts are a form of expression and either if you are performing or watching a performance you can relate to those emotions which are being transferred from performer to audience. I find it healing and a place where I am true to myself, a cathartic process.

Cikka dancing at the festival

At this time when watching a country being invaded and people’s lives being turned upside down, one feels a sense of guilt of leading a normal life and enjoying even the little pleasures. I don’t know what little I can do from my end, bar sending items of need or donate and it makes me feel helpless. What we can do is focus on the changes we can bring about, small changes. Think of the confrontations we can avoid in our daily lives, empathize with others, understand that we all could be going through challenges and battles. If everyone could do their little part, the world would be a much better place!

Flamenco is about song, music and dance where technique and rhythm are key…however it is much more than that. It is an art form where the suffering or joys are expressed through the beautiful song accompanied by the melody of the guitar which the dancer expresses with the most beautiful of movements. Today more than ever I feel the need to dance to let out the anger, frustrations at this insane state of the world. I want to watch the artists relate these emotions to fill me with hope for a better world.

I am not all about fashion…as you can see 😉 This was definitely a different blog post, which I felt the need to write.

The beauty of flamenco is that it encompasses so much…as my teacher says…flamenco is a way of life…

Wishing you all a good weekend ahead



Accessories…a lil detail that changes your outfit :)

Good morning and I hope you are having a lovely Sunday!

Today’s blog post is about making use of accessories to enhance an outfit. The beauty of accessories is that you can spend very little and yet manage to give some oomph to an outfit. Of course you can decide to invest in a designer accessory which you can use with different ensembles…the choice is yours. Let’s have a look…


The options here are endless! Statement jewellery or dainty…what do you prefer…? I like both, and I choose the type of jewellery depending on the outfit. If I am wearing a plain dress, I will pair it with statement jewellery. Going out for the evening in a black dress…big statement ear rings…:) Personally, I would not do that with a work outfit, I would generally go for something more dainty, not necessarily classic ( like pearls or a diamond drop…which are obviously always a safe bet:), studs or layering of dainty necklaces. I do however love a statement ring, even for work. Of course you need to feel comfortable with statement jewellery and make sure you adapt to your shape…in order to flatter 🙂


You all know I love hats! People sometimes are scared of them, as the attention will automatically be drawn to you when wearing a hat. It does hehe…especially if it’s a big hat…but why not…?! If you’re in a mad rush, and need to meet up with some friends, and can’t think of an outfit. Joggers, sweater and trainers…put on a hat…and voila…you will look sooo stylish! The type of hats available are endless…berets, bucket hats, felt hats…you will get hooked 🙂 Also, they do keep you warm in the winter months…;)

Gloves and belts

Ok…so picture this. A plain midi dress, block colour…same coloured shoes…sounds rather boring. Now grab a belt…either wide at the waist or a slim chain belt and tie loosely at the hips. Add a pair of gloves…and c’est tres chic. No effort whatsoever…and you will look like a million dollars. Belts can be a bit tricky…you need to find the right type of belt for your shape. If you are petite, you should wear a skinny belt at the waist to create the illusion of hips. If you are hourglass, go for a wider belt and just above the waist. Again, experiment with different coloured belts and/or textures.

Picture from Pinterest
These red gloves, transform the outfit!


Where to start…:) So, woolen scarves…they keep you warm and add colour and class over a coat. Silks scarves…endless options. Tie it around your neck, use it as a bandana, go with sixties style head scarf. I personally also like using silk scarves as belt with my jeans. It is simple yet different 🙂 Go for it…try it out.

Picture from Pinterest

Wrapping up

These were a few ideas on how to accessorize and dress up an outfit. Accessories personalize a look, it is an opportunity to express your individual style. And, if I may…don’t be scared to experiment with accessories…😊

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday!

Have a good one,



Party season…a few outfit ideas…🎊

Good morning!

We are heading into December…how did this happen…? Time indeed flies…! So a couple of weeks ago I placed a poll on Insta asking which topics you would like me to blog about, and party wear was the most voted for. So read on for a few ideas…:)

Sparkle ✨

As already mentioned in one of my previous blogs, sequins are in this year, and clearly there’s no better time to wear sparkles than Christmas season 🙂 You can go for sequin dresses, skirts or trousers and in the case of the latter two mix with other fabrics. What I realllly want to get and find so cool, are sequin joggers. You can pair these with runners for a casual look, yet still great for a party, or put on a pair of heels and voila…c’est tres chic…

A sequin with fringe dress…for an all out sparkle look! From Zara
In love with these sequin joggers from ASOS…heels or runners…sooo cool!
Another pair of sparkly joggers from asos
A little less in your face sparkly from warehouse Uk …to pair up with jeans, trousers or a long skirt…😍

The Tulle or taffeta skirt

You may think that this style of skirt can only be worn for a party and following thy thrown back into the wardrobe. People may not want to invest in these skirts as they can be deemed to be ott. It is sooo not the case. These skirts can be worn all year round and are so versatile. They can be worn with jumpers, blouses, sweater, crop tops, heels, trainers, booties…and every time you crate a new outfit by changing just one item! I love love love them…and highly recommend having a tulle or taffeta skirt that suits your body shape in your wardrobe. Here are two pics of me last year, with same skirt, different shoes…different style:) I am also posting some other pics for ideas.

A denim shirt with a tulle skirt looks just great!
Melissa Mcarty in a tulle skirt ❤️
Taffeta skirt from Verve boutique

Blouses 👚

Blouses are always great to have in your wardrobe…you can wear them with jeans for a more casual/smart look or with a skirt for a more feminine soft look 🙂 Depending on your body shape you can either go for ruffles, or high collar, bow ties at the collar, add a brooch for a more sophisticated look…ideas are endless. Here are some ideas below…

A silver shirt is a classic to have in your wardrobe…an evergreen
Leather shirt from Verve boutique
Add a brooch to a blouse for a classic look…😍

Hope these ideas help you out with your party wear this year!

Reach out if you have any questions…always happy to help!

Have a good one



Do women shop and spend more than men…? 🧐

Good morning!

I hope you all are having a lovely w-end 🙂 today’s blog post will probably interest both women and men…;) Who spends more on shopping…women or men…? The general feeling is that women spend more…however I read that in 2021 in the States, the trend starting changing and men are spending more on non-essentials and by far spend more than women on on-line shopping. I don’t know whether this is also a trend in Europe, it’s definitely not a reflection of my household…😂

It appears form a number of studies carried out, that women are more influenced by social media than men. I for one tag my favourite shops on social media, and whenever they post pictures of the new stock, I obviously am eager to go and have a look for myself, and never leave empty handed. This doesn’t mean that men are not influenced by social media, however in general they do follow less.

Now…the interesting part! Women spend more than men unknowingly! (I can imagine the faces men are making when reading this…😜) There is, what is referred to “the pink tax”. In summary women pay more for the same product as men. Deodorants, blades, scarves…a dash of pink and voila, the price is higher! In some of the articles I read, they state that women spend 8 to 13 % more than men on the same type of product, and this goes beyond supermarket items, it extends to loans, dry cleaning etc…

The question which I raised and trying to answer is…but why…? From the little I found about the reason, it appears that in some cases it is intentionally discriminatory and in some cases, driven by profits. It appears women will purchase a product they want/need regardless of the price. Clearly, these are very generic statements, but it seems to be one of the reasons.

So ladies, let us be on the look out when products are marketed for women…we could be paying more solely for the packaging. If you carry our a simple internet search of “pink tax”, you will be surprised at all the items we get to pay more for than men!

I hope you found this interesting…there is much more to write about on this topic…and I will address it in some other blogs of mine 🙂

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday!



Jeans…helping you find the perfect fit for your body shape

Hello 🙂

If you are anything like me…the item I struggle with most is finding the right pair of jeans. Even when I find a brand I like, it all depends on the cut and style of that particular pair. In this blog you will find a few tips on what suits the different body shapes…I hope it helps you 🙂

Loose fit jeans

The now so called “boyfriend jeans” 🙂 these suit best petite and slim, athletic figures. Most women with larger frames believe that they should go for wide and loose…it’s actually the opposite…show off your curves woman!!! For the ladies with petite frames, pair up a loose pair of jeans with a tight fitting top and heels and blazer if opting for a casual/smart look or trainers for a sporty look 🙂

The bootcut and the flare

The bootcut was so in during the nineties…and they are making a comeback this season. These cuts suit best hourglass (where the bust and hips are almost equal in size) and the pear shaped (upper body is narrower than lower body – hips). What you need to be mindful of when wearing this type of cut is the length of the jeans…you don’t want it too short as it will look “funny”. So ensure you decide whether you ll be pairing it with flats or heels when shopping;)

The straight leg

This cut suits a number of body shapes, from slim to hour glass figures. This cut works with flats and can be worn with sweaters, shirts and blazers, t-shirts and many more…:) It is useful to have a pair of straight legs as it never quite goes out of fashion.

The Skinny jeans

We had this style for quite a few years now and fashion bloggers are in a debate on whether this style is in or out for the seasons to come. I’m on the let it stay! Skinny jeans suit many different body types. The larger frames can show off their curves and pair it with tunics and blazers. Petite frames can pair these up with loose fitting tops and balloon sleeve tops. The beauty of this style is that you can wear flats, heels, court shoes, boots …you name it! So let’s vote for skinny jeans to stay 😉

Some other tips

Be mindful of the rise when choosing your style. Low, medium or high rise. If you have a tummy, avoid low and high rise, the former will make your tummy roll over the button whereas latter will make it bulge out. So let’s leave those for ladies with a flat tummy 🙂 For all others who like me will bloat during the day or will always have some tummy (cos I love my food;) we will stick to the mid rise jeans.

I hope you find these tips useful.

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday and week ahead



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The Guerlain experience

Good afternoon:)

Last Tuesday I was invited to attend a session showcasing Guerlain’s products at Franks Perfumery, with focus on skincare, particularly the Albeille Royale range. An international rep from the brand was here to facilitate the session. The session was very professional and in line with all COVID regulations:)

The session was so interesting as the Guerlain expert (unfortunately I cannot recall her name), started off with a history of the brand…going back to Napoleon III…I love it when people explain where and how things came about. She then explained about Guerlain’s commitment to sustainability, particularly with this range, which involves education around the bees, the benefits of bees and bee keeping, going around schools to provide insight and also giving women opportunities with respect to bee keeping. They work closely with UNESCO. In today’s world, where we are all seeing the impact we have on the environment, every little step that we can help in, is a plus. Seeing large corporations committing to the environment is positive!

Napoleon III and the Guerlain bee bottle

Now let’s talk about the products…👏 I use the Albelle Royale range, so these were not new to me. The cleansing oil, which turns into milk when removing make up, is one of my favourite products. I recently also bought the watery oil, as a pre serum, it nourishes the skin and I love using it when I feel my skin dry during the day and voila…it’s an instant boost! We were shown the day and night creams, but I was interested in the eye r repair serum, which has a special applicator which feels cold to the skin, purposely to reduce puffiness. I bought this last Tuesday, as my eye area is always of concern to me. I have used this product for a few days, so I will tell you about it in a few months time, but it does help with morning puffiness around the eye 🎉 Another product she spoke to us about was the advanced youth watery oil. I still have the previous version…so will try this out once I finish my product 🙂 but if it is better than the current one…then eager to try it out 🙂

What was also interesting is that, she emphasized using hands to apply the skincare and not cotton discs, as it helps with the absorption of the product into our skin rather than half of it being lost to the disc…;) we should tap eye creams and serums around the eyes, and circular motions for the day and night creams.

The products are not cheap, however if you want to spoil yourself or try one product to pamper yourself, I would start off with the watery oil or a serum…they are a must have in my view.

Thank you Franks for inviting me, it felt some normality is slowly coming back… The welcome drinks and nibbles (all individually packed) were an added bonus. Thank you Guerlain for the session and the goodie bag!

Wishing you all a lovely Saturday evening!

Watch out for the next blog post, I will talk about finding the right pair of jeans for one’s shape.

Take care



Autumn/winter season…what’s in store 😄

Hello ladies!

New collections for the autumn/winter season are round the corner…so let’s have a look at what’s in and what we can dig out from our wardrobes.

I am following the latest trends on fashion websites and online magazines. I also went round the shops to see for myself what common themes are being displayed in the windows. The general feel seems to be a mix of inspiration from the 1920s (yeahhh!) and 1990s (a lil less exciting for me;) It’s all about colours, prints, layering and sequins…


Saturated shades appear to be the headline for this coming season. Designers have put mustards, lemon yellow, rusts and bubblegum pink on their catwalks. It is always convenient to have neutral colours in your wardrobe, however if you want to be in line with latest trends, you may want to buy a couple of pieces in a bold colour to mix and match with your neutrals…;)


The Oversize Coat and Hats

If you typically go for fitted coats…think again this season. Oversize coats which take us back to 1920s era, are in! Also, it is no longer about the classic black coat…it’s all about colours this season. Hues of greens, pale blues, pinks and rust to complement an outfit can be seen displayed at the shops. AND hats, hats, hats…:) The bucket and rain hats are here to stay for the Autumn/winter…I cannot wait to get hold of a stylish hat for this season…



Trousers beneath a dress, crop tops over shirts…(anyone recalls the 90s…?;) and the sweater vests…! If you want to follow this season’s trend without spending much, shop sweater vests…you can find these in high street stores in various colours, different knit patterns and textures. They are so easy to pair up with different items 😉

Let’s sparkle

The roaring 20s were all about the sparkle and shine…and designers felt that due to the pandemic and people being locked up for a long while, we needed to be reminded of good times, going out and being the life of a party by shining our way in through an event. So if you’re bold enough…don’t hold back and go for full sequins dresses or trousers. If you are not too keen or comfortable in a full sparkly dress, you may opt to pair your outfit with a sequins jacket or find a skirt with a touch of sparkle

Elisabetta Franchi

To conclude…

These were just a few trends we will be seeing in this season’s collection. I will be writing about more specific items and how these trends can be best adapted for different shapes and sizes. Remember it is not about what is in fashion, but also what you feel most comfortable in!

Let me know should you have any questions in the comments…and I ll be happy to help:)

Wishing you all a great week