Spoiler Alert….. sensitive topic ahead!

During the past weeks I had conversations with friends of mine and also received a few messages from followers of the blog, about ….weight, size clothes and diets. I am no nutritionist or dietician so I will not attempt to give any advice on these areas. The reality is that our size and body shape obviously has an impact on what clothes we wear. Another reality is that the majority of us women always find fault in our figure, hair or anything physical. Someone last week told me, I am putting on weight but I just won’t stop eating…. yes I can so relate!

We all go through phases and throughout the years my weight did yo-yo, and from my experience here are a few tips of how to deal with these phases.

When the scales are in the ⬆️ direction

Unless you are expecting, then few of us enjoy watching the numbers on the weighing scales go up, but it happens and it’s not the end of the world. I think one of the mistakes we make is, even when the clothes are fitting tight, we hang on to them in the hope that in a couple of weeks we lose 3 to 5 kilos and we can fit in them again…. That is living in denial and making oneself feel even more miserable as the clothes won’t fit properly and you will not feel good in them. In my view it is best to buy a few items in your actual size – losing weight is a process and it won’t happen in days. You will feel better with clothes that actually fit. As much as it annoys us to go a size up – it is so much better than turning blue with trying to zip up a pair of jeans which barely fits 😉

Losing weight

When I put on weight and decide that not only for the looks but also for health reasons to shed off some kilos, I believe my mindset needs to change. Personally, unless required for medical reasons, I don’t like going on a very regimental diet where I starve myself. The reality is that when I did that, on a weak day I end up eating all the snacks and sweets in a matter of minutes. The mindset is what will make or break a diet or programme for a healthy body weight. I have seen my sister who decided to go on a healthier lifestyle, shed kilos. I know it was not an easy journey for her however it is her positive attitude that helped her. She makes fun of herself throughout this process and rewards herself when she reaches a goal… rightly so!

Here are some of the fun posts she places on her timeline.

After weight loss

I have seen this happen to a number of friends of mine who from a size 18 went down to a size 14 but just could not believe it! So they kept on buying clothes that fit loose. I remember brining clothes in a changing room to my friend and when I went with her actual size, she looked at me incredulously , until she put it on and realised how good she looked in it! After you lose weight, especially when you go down more than a size or two, it is good to take someone with you on a shopping spree to assist you with choosing clothes for your new figure 🙂

Common mistakes

Skinny people (not all 🙂 tend to go for tight fitting clothes, and as much as they can afford to wear material which clings to their bodies, very skinny people will look even thinner. Create shapes and curves- pair up a tight fitting skirt with a chunky sweater or polo neck. Place a wide belt on a tight fitting dress to create curves. Tuck your skinny jeans into knee high boots. You can wear ankle boots with trousers or skirts.

Bigger women tend to wear loose items, thinking they will “cover” the tummy 😉 the reality is most times such clothes will make you look bigger. I am not saying go for tight fitting lycra…😱 (let us all leave that for the gym!) , however do flaunt your beautiful parts. If you have nice legs, show them off! You have a voluptuous body, be proud of it. Have you ever tried long chiffon tunics with leggings? If you have big calves don’t wear booties which go above the ankle as they will make them look bigger, however you can wear booties just up to the ankle. Wear the right underwear – seamless and in the right size.

One final comment

There is a lot of pressure out there to look good , having the perfect size, shape and figure. We need to be happy and comfortable with the way we look and even more so with the way we carry the outfit. Right now are you sitting or standing? Put your shoulders back, pull up from your core and chin up. Have the confidence in yourself, smile and walk with pride. Each and every person is special in one way or another – we are all different yet beautiful!

Have a good day and week ahead



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