Accessories…a lil detail that changes your outfit :)

Good morning and I hope you are having a lovely Sunday!

Today’s blog post is about making use of accessories to enhance an outfit. The beauty of accessories is that you can spend very little and yet manage to give some oomph to an outfit. Of course you can decide to invest in a designer accessory which you can use with different ensembles…the choice is yours. Let’s have a look…


The options here are endless! Statement jewellery or dainty…what do you prefer…? I like both, and I choose the type of jewellery depending on the outfit. If I am wearing a plain dress, I will pair it with statement jewellery. Going out for the evening in a black dress…big statement ear rings…:) Personally, I would not do that with a work outfit, I would generally go for something more dainty, not necessarily classic ( like pearls or a diamond drop…which are obviously always a safe bet:), studs or layering of dainty necklaces. I do however love a statement ring, even for work. Of course you need to feel comfortable with statement jewellery and make sure you adapt to your shape…in order to flatter 🙂


You all know I love hats! People sometimes are scared of them, as the attention will automatically be drawn to you when wearing a hat. It does hehe…especially if it’s a big hat…but why not…?! If you’re in a mad rush, and need to meet up with some friends, and can’t think of an outfit. Joggers, sweater and trainers…put on a hat…and voila…you will look sooo stylish! The type of hats available are endless…berets, bucket hats, felt hats…you will get hooked 🙂 Also, they do keep you warm in the winter months…;)

Gloves and belts

Ok…so picture this. A plain midi dress, block colour…same coloured shoes…sounds rather boring. Now grab a belt…either wide at the waist or a slim chain belt and tie loosely at the hips. Add a pair of gloves…and c’est tres chic. No effort whatsoever…and you will look like a million dollars. Belts can be a bit tricky…you need to find the right type of belt for your shape. If you are petite, you should wear a skinny belt at the waist to create the illusion of hips. If you are hourglass, go for a wider belt and just above the waist. Again, experiment with different coloured belts and/or textures.

Picture from Pinterest
These red gloves, transform the outfit!


Where to start…:) So, woolen scarves…they keep you warm and add colour and class over a coat. Silks scarves…endless options. Tie it around your neck, use it as a bandana, go with sixties style head scarf. I personally also like using silk scarves as belt with my jeans. It is simple yet different 🙂 Go for it…try it out.

Picture from Pinterest

Wrapping up

These were a few ideas on how to accessorize and dress up an outfit. Accessories personalize a look, it is an opportunity to express your individual style. And, if I may…don’t be scared to experiment with accessories…😊

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday!

Have a good one,



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