Fashion and age…the ongoing saga!

Hello and hope you’re all having a lovely wend 🙂

Sooo, today’s blog is one, which I’m sure we all have different views and “rules” on. When is one too old to wear a mini skirt or crop tops…? Can you were bright colours when over sixty or seventy ? And so on and so forth… Below are my views and none of them are rules, but these are the basic principles I like to follow.

Styling the outfit

Some people believe that once you hit forty mini skirts and crop tops should be thrown away😮 Mmm..then I should have done so myself already but I didn’t! I believe that it is how you style mini skirts and crop tops, and quite frankly…at any age! If I wear a mini skirt, I make sure that I do not wear anything skimpy at the upper body. I would pair up a mini skirt with a shirt, blazer or polo neck. I am also careful on what shoes or boots to style it with. When it comes to crop tops, I don’t opt for very short ones, also because I don’t have the abs…;) But I do like having just a little mid riff out for the summer, so I pair a shortish top with high waisted trousers. So the skin actually “appears” with movement. I believe it is key to look at your outfit in totality.

UK fashion blogger Kat Farmer, 40 plus 🙂


I heard this very silly notion that people over seventy should not wear bright colours…😩 I’d love to know who comes up with such rules! My mum is seventy five and she hates black and loves a bright coloured outfit, and she doesn’t look silly but actually stylish and smart. Key here is knowing what colours flatter your skin tone and then play around with those colours. I find that what I wear is dependent on my mood and sometimes I need colour to lift my spirits. So, there is no age when you should stop wearing colour! Go for it…😊

Iris Apfel…100 years old. She looks amazing!


One positive thing about aging, is that with it comes confidence and the older one gets…the less you care what people say and think about you. These rules around what you can and cannot wear at a certain age is because some people judge and feel that some items are inappropriate at a certain age. I think that some people will always find something to criticize others about, so firstly let us not be that person. Secondly, look at your whole outfit and think…is it flattering, does it enhance and flaunt my body shape? If you feel uncomfortable in it…don’t wear it, even if everybody else tells you to do so. You will rock and outfit only when you feel comfortable in it. That doesn’t mean you should not go out of your comfort zone, but do so in small steps.

Get inspired

There is more to write about on this topic and I will definitely get back to it at some point. In the meantime, I recommend you follow fashion bloggers of your age group and you will be inspired with many cool outfits. So let’s not think about rules and restrictions but outfits and accessories to make us feel good 😊

Here’s wishing you a lovely Sunday and a great week ahead!

Lots of love your way



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