Making the most of your outfit

Good morning 🙂

I hope you all had a good week. The temperature seems to be cooling down a little bit (finally!) Now we can start thinking of autumn outfits…yeah! Today, I will be sharing with you three outfit ideas, but what I did is change the accessories for each, and voila a different look is created. The idea is to make the most of our items of clothing. Re-inventing the outfit, make it feel new and different. Have a look below and see what I did 🙂 As an aside, a friend patiently came taking the pics in our beautiful Mdina. We are no professionals but we had a blast, going from one place to another, changing in bathrooms and me trying not to feel uncomfortable posing for the pics 😉 A big thank you to my friend for tagging along.

Jeans and Blazer look

As you can see I went from casual to smart just by changing bag and shoes. I also added a big pair of earrings to the smart look and pulled my hair up. Easy peasy…;)

One dress…three looks

This dress is very versatile…add heels to it and you obtain a smart look. I also added a tailored cap and a trench coat for a more sophisticated look. I then paired up the dress with a white pair of trainers and a casual baseball cap…and it’s ideal to go out and about. Finally, I swapped the trainers for a pair of loafers, and can easily go to work in this dress/look 🙂

From smart to rock chick

I love how outfits can be transformed, just by changing accessories. It is what I love doing! I created two completely different looks with the same outfit. The hairband, blazer and red heels give this a professional, smart look. On the other hand I switched the blazer to a biker jacket and ditched the heels for a pair of studded boots, hair down and who’s the rocker in the house now…? 😉

Be creative 🙂

Look at what you have in you accessory department, and create fresh and different outfits just by changing little details. In these pics, I changed shoes and bags, however think of adding scarves, hats, different belt styles, hairstyles, it doesn’t take much to create new outfit ideas with what we already have…all you need is some creativity 😉

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead



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