Five wardrobe essentials

Good morning 🙂

Today I want to share with you a few tips on wardrobe essentials. I selected five items of clothing which in my view, we should have in our wardrobes and I will give you a few ideas on how to style them 🙂

Black leggings

The beauty of black leggings is that they don’t cost much, they’re comfy, they suit all shapes and sizes (when choosing the right fit) and you can style in various ways.

Firstly, key for all those wearing leggings, whatever your shape or size…is wear the right underwear. Seamless underwear is a must, it can’t be too tight and not too loose 🙂 you will looked pulled together with the right undies!

Curvy figure

Unfortunately women who are big and curvy tend to want to hide their figure, and more often than not wear baggy tops or loose tunics with leggings. Don’t,,,! Show off your curves. You can pair these with a long shirt, a blazer and finish off the look with either a pair of long boots, or plain pumps. Alternatively you may wear a fitted top, a long cardi and close it off with a slim belt…;)

Petite figure

You can style the leggings with a shirt and chunky knit on top. I love wearing the black leggings with a black chunky knit and the shirt beneath in a beige/nude. I find the neutrals very classic and the shirt in a different colour breaks the monotony of black.

The black dress

When panic strikes and you don’t know what you’re going to wear…black dress to the rescue. Be it a lbd, a shift dress, an A-line style…pair it with a pair of nude court shoes for the day or black sandals for the evening…and pronto you are good to go!

The beauty of a black dress is that you can wear this over and over and style it differently. How…? Think accessories…a scarf and you have a stylish and professional look. A pair of chunky earrings, and red lips and you’re all set for an evening look 🙂 If you want a more sober look, just wear a string of pearls and simple and chic it is!

The blazer

The question here is, what colour should you buy a blazer in? If you are after an investment, I would go for a camel coloured blazer, as you can pair it up with many items, even with a pair of jeans. Today you will find many different styles, from tailored to oversized. The style you choose will depend on your shape and what you’re after, whether you want a casual look or a smart/office look.

This is one item, where I would definitely look at the quality, even if you spend a little bit more…it will go a long way. I ensure that the blazer is lined and of good quality material, and if you go for a classic it will last years!

The white t-shirt

Endless ways of pairing a white tee. Again you can opt for an expensive brand, or go for a budget tee.

Pair it up with a jeans and blazer (the camel blazer I mentioned above will come in handy 😉 If you prefer a rock chick look, replace the blazer with a biker jacket, and you’re rocking. Place a knot at the back of the t-shirt, wear high waisted trousers or midi skirt, a pair of trainers and sporty spice it is 🙂 You want to turn a white tee into a chic outfit…? So, the tee, a pair of beige culottes, a chunky auburn necklace and animal print pumps, e voila 🙂

A pair of nude pumps

It is up to you whether you want to go for a pair of Jimmy Choos or one from the high streets. A pair of comfortable nude pumps are essential to have (in my view). I personally prefer a heel to flats if I had to choose, but that’s a matter of preference. You can wear these with almost all outfits…casual wear, office wear, evening dos..a pair of nude pumps always come in handy 🙂

Basics checklist

I hope you found these tips useful. I refer to these as the basics checklist 🙂 You can choose to buy these on a budget or go for more expensive brands. You can style them in infinite ways, and make the most of them.

Wishing you all a lovely w-end!



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