All about you!

Good morning and thank you for the positive feedback, it was overwhelming.

The idea of this blog is to, on the one hand speak about the latest trends and how these can be adjusted to suit different sizes and ages. I will also speak about skincare, makeup and hair. Apart from this the intention is also to have features on people, people who are not in the public eye but have a fashion sense which I find interesting. And that is why this blog is not about me, but all about you!

You have sent me a number of topics you would like me to write about, amongst which fashion on a budget, winter essentials yet looking fashionable, however my favourite was please write on fashion for short and chubby people 🙂 I promise you – I will! Let me know what other topics you would like me to write about – this is your blog ladies.

Look out for the next blog – trends for 2019 and how you can adapt these to suit different figures.

Good day



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