Trends for 2019….

Out with the old, and in some cases aren’t we happy….think transparent bags (why…really??). Let’s have a look at the main trends we are anticipating for 2019, and I will add how these can be adjusted to suit different figures.

Bye bye transparent bag….. 🎉


Think of “separating” your outfit. Belts….if you look at the latest fashion shows of various designers, you will see the use of belts in numerous outfits, mainly added to shirts over pants or belts over dresses to create the idea of layering. Can anyone wear a belt? Of course, however depending on your size and figure, you will need to choose the right belt and add it to your outfit in a clever manner.

If you have a straight body, make sure the belt is placed above your hips to create shape. For short petite figure, wear slim belts over waist (they will make you look taller 😉 If you are short – match your belt to the upper body and not your pants or skirt. If you are round, go for slightly wider belts under your bust to create a slender waist.

Remember – the bigger the waist, the smaller the belt. you can also let the belt loose on your waist or hips.

Melissa Mccarthy owning the belt- one of my favourite actresses when it comes to style (and not a size zero!)

Oversize long coats

These are very fashionable, however not everyone can pull these off. If you are not tall you may end up looking like you are in your dressing gown especially in certain colours and with the knotted belt at the centre. If you are not tall, don’t despair – layer with long cardigans and ideally find one which is not one length to create the illusion of length:) I personally love the selection of these at Desigual.

The oversize coat

Desigual cardigan

Colours and prints

As much as black is always a favourite, many designers included colours and prints in their collection. Have a look at the Versace collection with bold alphabet prints and pop art colour. Chanel adds contemporary hieroglyphs to bags, whilst Alexander McQueen goes bold with studs and chains. Locally, the Charles and Ron collection showcased many prints and colours – one of my favourite pieces is the long ball like skirt which you can also dress down with their logo t-shirts.

Charles & Ron skirt
Chanel bag
Versace colours
Alexander McQueen

For those of you who are big framed, or a big size, don’t be scared of colours. Be clever – make sure the colour is in the right place or if you dress in prints choose one to enhance your figure such as block colours. If on the other hand you are very skinny, embrace loud and busy patterns.

Designers set the trend and the high street market, which is more reachable to customers, will follow suit. Even if you cannot afford designer pieces, watch out for the seasonal collections in order to take on ideas and then adjust to your style. Having followed the collections mentioned above, I went for a pair of studded pumps from Aldo (at sale price 🙂

My Aldo stud pumps 😬

This was just a flavour of what is coming our way. I will soon be looking into the hair trends for this year and will be having my first guest for the said piece … can’t wait!

Let me have your comments – always good to hear from you.




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