Hair Trends – in collaboration with XAR

Hello again 🙂

For all those who know me, we share this joke that my second home is the hair salon I go to 🙂 I love my thick, wavy hair and I have a lot of it, however it takes me a lot of time to handle and style so I prefer going to my trusted hair salon – XAR Hair and Nails in Ibrag.

The salon is led by the owner herself, Daniela Maggi. I’ve been going at her for over five years and she still manages to create different styles for me. She has a team of another two hair stylists working with her – Roxanne and Toyah and also a nail technician, Adriana. The team is a young one, fun and oh do they treat us customers like queens (and Kings as it also services men) 😊

I get bored of having the same hairstyle, so I am a very demanding customer as I like changing the colour or style quite often, yet obviously wanting my hair to stay healthy. I went from auburn to almost blonde, then black back to light brown and in the process also having different lengths and cuts. XAR offers many solutions and Daniela and her team guide you throughout, explaining what suits the shape of your face or whether the style you want will actually work on your hair type. I walk out of the salon with so many different styles (my husband complains that once he gets used to me with one hairstyle, I change it again 😉) yet still with healthy hair.

One of XAR’s forte is curly hair. Unfortunately, I believe that not all hair salons in Malta embrace curly hair and find it easier to blow dry it straight. Curly hair is not easy to style and manage, however I have seen a number of people walk out of the salon with curls looking fantastic (have a look at Daniela herself with her awesome curls!)

Daniela Maggi, her lovely curls and vibrant personality

I had a chat with Daniela and asked her a few questions on hair trends for 2019…. enjoy the read!

In the last couple of years balayage was the thing to do when it came to hair and colour – what do you anticipate for 2019?

Considering that trends from the 80s and 90s seem to be making a comeback as far as colour is concerned, it seems safe to assume that we’ll be witnessing several different shades of blonde, as well as some bright hair colours in 2019. I personally hope that we’ll get to see the 80s make a bit of a comeback as far as volume goes, because I love creating ‘big’ hair, but I’m not too sure the Maltese market is that way inclined.

2019 – short or long? One length or layered? What do you think will be the must have trend in hair this year?

People seem to be opting for shorter cuts and styles these days. But I don’t think the trend being set is shorter hair as such. I feel that clients are increasingly opting for a complete change of style and since most of them would normally sport longer styles, many are opting for the chop. They seem to want to walk out of the salon, looking and feeling like they’ve made a drastic change and going short is a sure fine way of doing that. In past years, the majority of clients would come into the salon and demand “the usual.” That doesn’t happen as often these days. It’s a welcome trend if you ask me. It makes the job all the more fun and exciting

Product you could never do without in your salon?

Anti humidty spray. Cant go by an hour without it in the salon.

(Yan- I have the mini version to carry in my hand bag 😍)

Anti-humidity spray (mini version)

Leave in hydrating cream for hair

We also spoke about what advice in general would she give, after seeing some common mistakes people make. Daniela explained that sometimes customers show her a picture of a hairstyle and do not take into account their hair type, underlying colour and other factors which may vary slightly the final result. Something she also suggests is the aftercare , using the right products to retain the colour, shine and style.

The salon opens Monday to Saturday, with a late night on Thursdays which is fantastic as I can go after work 😬 It is a pet friendly salon too, so you are welcome to take your furry friends with you. The salon also offers nail services by the hip and smiling Adriana. I get to have my nails and blow dry /colour done at the same time😊

So those were some ideas, tips and trends for your hair. Let us know whether you want to any other tips on hair.

Here are a few photos of the team and Xar’s creations on customers.

Good day



You can have your nails and hair done at one go!
Roxanne – she created many updos and different styles for my hair:)
Toyah – very meticulous in her work. Just yesterday she patiently carried out my keratin treatment 🙂
Adriana- perfect nails AND one must try the spa pedicure she does!

Here are some cool colours, cuts and balayage created by XAR

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