Hats to create different outfits


The fun thing about fashion is that we can create different outfits, and in my case this varies on the mood I am in, what occasion I’m going to and what am I comfortable with on the day. A number of accessories can change an outfit and make it seem different to what it would normally look like, and hats are one of these accessories.

This year I enjoyed wearing hats and given the cold weather we had (this is relative but for us in Malta this year it was cold 😉), apart from making me feel warmer, hats changed some of the outfits and made them look more interesting. The fantastic thing about hats is that they suit everyone! Everyone can wear a hat and look cool – HOWEVER, you need to be comfortable in it. When I wear something which could be the latest fashion trend, but I m not comfortable in it – it will show. This does not mean that you should stay in your comfort zone… but in the case of hats you may prefer starting with a dainty French beret, rather than a flamboyant Russian hat 😊

I went for both and also the baseball cap, beanie and felt winter hat – the latter being my favourite. The felt winter hat created a fun outfit when worn with pants and a sweater, however it can also be worn with a long shirt dress and boots, and give that “western” look. I enjoyed wearing the Russian hat, but I felt it gives a very flamboyant and sophisticated look, so I needed to be in a mood where I felt confident and that I could pull it off! I wear the berets to go to work – I work in an office and typically wear specs to work and feel the specs and beret go well together. The baseball cap can be worn with jeans, long boots and blazers and create a military look or sweat pants and oversize tops for a more casual look.

These were just a few examples and ideas on how hats can change an outfit, and how you can create different looks with them. I am posting a few pictures of me with different hats – please be patient with me until I get used to trying to pose for the blog 🙃

Do hats truly suit everyone? Yes, but depending on your face shape, some hats may look better than others. There are a number of different pages/websites on the net which explain this. I am sharing one which I found useful. It was written a few years back, however it is still relevant. https://www.youbeauty.com/style/winter-hats-for-your-face-shape/.

Let me know whether you wear hats and in case post your pics in the comments if you do, so that we can share ideas on how these can be worn.

Have a good one



P.s next blog….hair trends 😀😀😀

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