W-end breaks, holidays, travel plans…..what to pack?


It seems like ages ago since we have been in touch:) I was away for a few days and I wanted to share with you the planning of outfits for a vacation, long or short.


This is key! Grab a notebook, your notes on your mobile and plan the days you will spend abroad. I list each day I will be away, and plan what to wear. This does not mean that I stick to each day as scheduled, however it gives me a rough idea of how many items to take with me. Take into consideration, if you are the type of holiday goer who likes going for an afternoon siesta and then go out again, as the likelihood is that you will want to change again.

Colour scheme

Stick to one colour scheme. What I mean is try and be clever in the colours you choose , in order for your clothes to match. Decide whether you want to go on browns, blacks or blues and then go for other colours that blend in. This way you can travel with less shoes and bags to match whole outfits.

Shoes and bags

I always have one to two pairs of comfy shoes as typically when travelling I do a lot of walking. I also carry with me an elegant or smarter pair of shoes as if I go out in the evenings I like dressing up. In winter I might opt for a flat pair of boots which I can dress up with knitted dresses or leggings and and a smart/elegant tunic.

I love the small back bags for travelling as these can be worn even during the evenings, however do beware as pickpockets are attracted to these! When travelling I totally love my long champs canvas bag, as it is ideal for travel when on a plane – it holds aloooot of stuff and it is stylish. The prices of these bags are not out of this world 😉

Pieces to take with you

Take with you jeans, leggings or trousers in a neutral colour which you can wear more than once and then change the top to go with them. If you are off on a business trip, take one pair of black or neutral trousers and different shirts to go with them and a blazer to match. Take different accessories such as scarves and belts to give a different slant to your outfit. I love nude shoes as they match most outfits 😊

How to pack

Roll, roll, roll! On one of my flamenco girl trips, a friend of mine introduced me to this concept of rolling clothes rather then placing them flat in the luggage, and I have found that I fit more things and they get less creased! Before you place all items in the luggage, spread them out and then see how best to pack these to make use of your space. I keep small material bags to carry shoes in and try limit these to a small number given they take a lot of space.

Make up is always with me in the hand luggage, to ensure I don’t lose it or in case of the need for a touch up 😉 I also place my jewellery in small pockets and carry them in a small bag with me – again choose jewellery which will match many of your outfits.

Enjoy your travels and hope these tips help out!

Take care and enjoy



P.s……. some special blog posts on the way… with special guests !

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