Be whoever you want to be


You thought I would not be posting this Sunday, but here it is! This morning I was on a plane back from Amsterdam, as I spent the w-end discovering the city. This was my first time visiting the city, and from a fashion perspective – it meets everyone’s taste. You can feel the sense of freedom in what one decides to wear, with no judgement whatsoever.

Walking through the main square, you could see people in casual outfits, others in smart suits and at times I felt I was in Woodstock with people in hippie outfits – all at one and the same time. I sometimes impose rules to myself when it comes to what I wear and how certain items should blend together, but Amsterdam showed me that each individual expresses oneself even in the way they dress up. This does not mean I would wear anything which does not fit in with my style – however this city gave me the muse to experiment with some ideas.

Case in point…. all those who know me , know that I absolutely looooove my high heels; and flats and trainers are not my go to shoes;-) I have recently started wearing trainers with jeans and blazers or leather pants. In Amsterdam, given all the people there cycle and walk around the city, they wear trainers with everything including dresses and skirts, and to my shock and disbelief … some actually looked stylish! Of course, not all running shoes or trainers can be paired up to certain outfits.

I got myself a pair of Tommy high platform trainers, and want to try these with a pleated skirt – this is very much out of my comfort zone – but hey that is what fashion is all about – experimenting with different styles. I also like the chunky trainers, have a look at the Fila ones (very popular right now) paired with leggings and either a casual top or smart blazer. My collection of trainers started with the ‘safe’ adidas black and white superstar which I love wearing with leather pants, followed by the pink nude Lacoste which pair up very nicely to smart outfits (trousers and shirt or jeans and blazer). The lovely thing about these shoe styles is that you can wear these at any age, any shape and any size! The other plus is the comfort…. (Just to clarify – I would still not trade my my heels for comfort 😉)

Amsterdam offers an array of vintage shops, high street stores and designer shops. The mix of people wearing so many different styles all blending together in this city, makes it one creative hub for fashion. It gave me the inspiration to experiment further and not let my own rules dictate my style… so today just be whoever you want to be for the day:) One shop window put it very aptly….Be All of You.

Let me know whether you will try anything outside your comfort zone and how it goes 🙂

Have a good one!



Sneak peeks for photo shoot blog post…. be on the look out…..:)

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