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Chris Attard needs no introduction, he is one of Malta’s leading makeup artists. He was nominated for the makeup artist award in the Malta fashion awards, he is backstage on most fashion shows locally, he is the make up artist for Venere tv programme and the list goes on…

I have known Chris for a number of years, and despite his popularity he has remained humble and helpful with all his customers. I believe his strongest trait is his honesty in guiding the customers to choose the right products for them and keeping within their budget. When applying makeup, he gets to know the client and their personality in order to reflect that in the look he creates.

The looks he creates vary from natural, to soft or seductive, however never overdone. This is a talent he has and which makes him very popular in this space.

So ladies, we are lucky to have Chris share with us tips on how to apply makeup and what looks to expect for the Summer months.

A big thank you to Chris for contributing to this blog!


What would you consider to be the key elements for everyday make up?

For the skin I suggest a light textured foundation (with sun protection) or BB cream, topped up with a bit of bronzing powder for a sun kissed look, a bit of  mascara to enhance the eyes and of course lipstick.

What are the most common mistakes people make when applying make up, and what would you recommend?
There are few people who go for a make up look because they like the style and not because it suits their facial features or most importantly their personality.  Each woman is unique in her own way and thus make up should reflect her individuality.
Foundation is key for a flawless look, and sometimes cakey foundation is used when not necessary or colour does not match the skin tone which may result in  dull looking skin.
What would you say is this summer’s must have look with respect to make up? Nudes or bright colours?
This season is all about colour – electrifying colours with glowing skin.  Purples, coral, pinks are my favorite for the coming Summer. 

Any tips for the application of makeup when we start seeing the first signs of wrinkles…?:)

Prevention will help delay the process of aging by using the right skin care routine for one’s skin. Start today before it is too late – we only have one chance and our face is always prominent. 
Hydrating and light foundation will give the plumpness  and radiance to the skin without looking heavy.  Try to avoid heavy foundations and powders, as wrinkles will show even more.  Mineralised powders can be a good alternative. 

Does the colour of the eyes make a difference to what eyeshadow one should use?

Definitely yes because some colours may pop the eye colour more. 

Your favourite make up product? Why?

Lipstick – No woman is complete without a touch of colour on her lips. 

My all time favourite lipstick – Dior 999

One thought on “Makeup tips from the expert

  1. I have been knowing Chris Attard at Franks Perfumary long time, very helpfull person and full of beauty look ideas…I come from Gozo to Malta to buy my skin products and makeup.


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