Stylish mummies

Happy Mother’s Day to all mummies!

Firstly I would like to thank my mum for all she did throughout the years both for me and my sister; she always puts us first to this very day . We are two grown up women, but she is always there for us and supports us in all our ventures…. she is indeed the best!

These two pictures are snap shots from a holiday with mum 🙂

I think it is only right to celebrate mummies…. and for this occasion I decided to have another photo shoot. My model for today is a very special mummy, Juanita who has two adorable munchkins Mya and Neil😊 The outfits selected for Juanita were kindly sponsored by one of my favourite boutiques on the island – Allure Clothing in Mosta. The owner of the shop, Victoria is always helpful and with a smile on her face. She has a wide selection of clothes, all very original and stunning!

Before we get to see the lovely photos taken by the very patient photographer Kenneth, (as I am always demanding…), here are some tips for mummies.


I do not have kids, however I have many friends, colleagues and family members with young children. I also had a chat with Juanita about being a mummy and trying to find time to shop and organizing her wardrobe …. as much as she enjoys dressing up and shopping, time is always limited.

Mummies, sometimes you do not find time for yourselves but with a little planning ahead you can go down to your favourite shops and boutiques and shop for the season ahead. Have a good look at your wardrobe and check out what needs to move out and what essentials you need for the next season. This requires some time, and I understand that time is of the essence for you, however try doing this when your children are spending time with other family members or friends (if possible 🙂

List down the items you really need and organise a day or half a day to go shopping. Think of any events you will be attending and what clothes, shoes, accessories you plan on wearing. Spend the day enjoying yourself and if you prefer ask a friend or relative to join you – make it your day, a day to pamper yourself!

I would suggest that apart from the items you actually need, buy something you simply like and treat yourself to it – we all enjoy our self presents!

Comfort and style

Many of you do a lot of running around taking the children to and from classes, activities and entertaining them. Comfort is therefore essential and perhaps running around in heels is not quite the thing for you. Luckily today, there are numerous flats and block heel shoes which are very fashionable and look pretty and cool on a number of outfits. Kitty heels are another alternative, they look very stylish with shift dresses and I can tell you they are super comfortable. If you are in a mad rush and reach out for your comfy jeans and a t-shirt, pair the outfit with a scarf either around your neck or use as a long scarf as a belt around your waist…voila that little accessory will make a big difference! Also, keep handy all the jewellery you have, add a little colour or that pretty pendant to your outfit and it will make it look different 🙂

Sometimes we get into the habit of not wearing the items we have and they become a waste of space – make use of them and up your comfy outfit 😉

The Photoshoot

Juanita and I drove to Allure in Mosta, and selected two outfits, one casual attire and an elegant summery dress.

Casual outfit

For the casual outfit, we chose coral pants and a beautiful broderie anglaise kaftan with a pastel coral trimming blending nicely with the trousers. This outfit can easily be worn with flats, smart trainers or high heels. We took the shots on the beach, so we opted for barefoot 😉 This is an outfit Juanita feels very comfortable in and it is very much her style. We could not have a Mother’s Day blog without the little ones, could we…?:) We chose bright pink trousers for Mya, paired up with a striped blue shirt, whereas for Neil we selected linen blue bermudas and a white linen shirt topped up with a cool summer hat….. I think they both look stylish and cute 🙂 The bright colours surrounded by the beach environment created these lovely shots!

Ooh la la outfit 😍

When at Allure, we told Victoria what we had in mind, and she handed over this beautiful dress for Juanita to try on. The moment Juanita and I saw the dress, we fell in love with it. The blue, pink and red colours make it very particular and the floral design give it a romantic feel. The dress fit Juanita to perfection, so this was “the one” for the shoot. Now Juanita is not a huge fan of very high heels, however when she was walking up the stairs in the dress, heels and a touch of red on her lips….. she emitted a feeling of sophistication, and she did have a thirty two teeth smile on her face:) Have a look at the pictures…. she looks breathtaking!

Mya and Neil also changed their outfits – Mya wore a bright yellow dress for that Summer feel, whereas Neil dressed up for the occasion in a blazer and pair of smart jeans. They look charming, and we captured some beautiful moments with their stunning mama!

I hope you enjoyed this special blog post, as much as I did organising and writing it…. and if you have any tips to share with other mummies, go ahead and place in the comments below:)

Enjoy your day awesome mamas…. and to my dearest mummy I say… thank you for all you do!

Have a good one ladies




Photography – Kenneth Azzopardi

Models – Juanita Azzopardi, Mya and Neil Azzopardi

Clothes for Juanita – Allure Clothing Mosta

And a thank you also goes to Michele La Ferla 🙂

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