MFWA19 #day 2

Hello there!

Today was a feast of colours and inspiration from different genres! Happy to say that with all the mad rush and through all the traffic, I managed to make all three fashion shows …. so read on and feast yourselves with pics taken with my humble mobile… however, with a very sweet Abigail working behind the scenes to get the best out of these pics… merci Abi!

Isle & Acqua X Yana’s Jewellery

Yana Azzopardi a jewellery designer and Guilia Pandolfino, a swimwear designer collaborated together to create a collection inspired by the tribal woman.

I have been following Yana when she first started off her venture, and she has reinvented the jewellery she creates and designs. The combination of the jewellery with the swimwear worked wonders. The tribal influence in the colours, texture of the jewellery and bold colours combined with the geometric layering of the swimwear gave it a modern twist.

Maria Cutajar – La Couleur invisble collection

The inspiration came from the movie Casablanca and you can feel the Moroccan influence blended with the 1940s vibe. The texture and the colours of the outfits take us back to that time. My personal favourites were the mix of two bold colours orange and teal or turquoise.The designer also added accessories such as veils and head bands to contribute to the middle eastern feel.

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

The collection was a fun and light hearted one, with a blend of different colours and patterns. The outfits featured big bows and patterns and the models walked down the catwalk with head bands having a protruding heart at the top…why not..?:)

So… that’s it for day 2 of the MFW…. no wait… here are some snapshots of my day 2;-)

Good night and watch this space for more on Malta Fashion week!



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