Malta Fashion Week #Day 1

Day one of Malta Fashion Week has come and gone!

Today’s programme showcased, Rose Marie Abela, Architecture in fashion – Switzerland and Drew and Crew. Unfortunately, I did not make the first fashion show but here are the highlights of the other two….enjoy and watch this space for more of the MFW!

Architecture in Fashion

Architecture in Fashion showcases and sells architectural wearables worldwide. The collection consisted of a number of black pieces with with bold collars , rectangular blouses, off-shoulder tops or flowered sleeve shirts (as in the shape of a flower for a sleeve). These were at times paired with wide gold or silver belts. Other colours which featured in the collection were white, silver and a dark green for the outfits. Each model also had a bag or two from Veni Morgans’s collection in block colours and geometrical shapes. The bag designer, has an inclination towards trigonometry, perfection and minimal design.

One of may favourite outfits in this collection was a white off the shoulder shirt paired with black wide culottes and a yellow bag…. the result bold and sharp! Hair was pulled back in a sleek pony tail or bun, looking very chic and keeping the focus on the bold details of the outfits.

Drew and Crew

The idea behind the collection is statement of style, focussing on bold, sexy and seductive…. and indeed they were! The pieces consisted of dresses or skirts with slits at the side or gown like skirts worn with low cut tops. The colours once again were block colours in mainly black, gold, and white – some with print on the material.

My favorite piece in this collection consisted of a gold pair of tight trousers worn with an open blazer. The model sported short hair with lots of volume – a sexy and edgy look!

The two catwalks I saw for the day, were very different in style yet we know for sure that black is always a favourite in our wardrobes :). Having said that the focus on the design of the outfits emerged given the block colours in the various attires.

Snapshots of my MFW #day 1

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