MFWA19….. Day 4

Good evening 🙂

So today two fashion shows were presented, we had the Gagliardi male fashion show which showcased both the spring/summer collection and the autumn/winter one, followed by Fiona Couture with the show called Woman.


So let’s start off with the men’s catwalk…

The spring summer collection, named Escape to Lake Como, did actually take us there in our imagination. The outfits presented were casual smart which definitely fit the scenery in Como. Light coloured suits, but mainly trousers coupled with a different coloured jacket, such as beige and grey or grey and blue. A mix of textures… linens and cottons. One of my favourite looks was that of a white shirt (white shirts are always 😍) paired with a pair of mint bermudas, with a beige light sweater hanging around the neck and casual shoes. The mint bermudas are different to the blues and whites we are used to seeing and I think they looked awesome.

Escape to Lake Como

Ladies… I’m sure you all like the colour of this bathing costume 😜

I particularly liked the autumn/winter collection, named The Maltese Palazzo. Gagliardi presented classic suits, smart looks with various accessories such as hats, scarves , waistcoats and men’s braces. Sometimes it felt like being in the 1940s yet in a modern way… and I miss the smart look that sometimes feels has gone missing. Have a look at the pics and see for yourselves 🙂

The Maltese Palazzo

Fiona Couture presents Woman

The other fashion show of the night was of Fiona Couture, called Woman. This was introduced as All that women can be, perfect in all their flaws. Fiona created some very beautiful creations. Each outfit is handmade and the level of detail coupled with the different textures used made this collection a truly outstanding one! I believe, that through the different styles presented, she managed to capture the different types of women or the the women we can be on different days… soft, strong, powerful, mysterious, fragile, feminine and so much more….

Thankfully the rain only started once the fashion shows were over….:) Keep on the lookout for tomorrow…… day 5!

Take care ladies , much love



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