MFWA19 #day 5


A day late… oops but here goes 🙂

Day 5 saw new designers, mainly students from Mcast, followed by Metamorphosis and finally the Nilara fashion show. I must say Nilara was a true spectacle, the outfits were outstanding and the way these were presented including the music selected, hairstyles and make up… I was in awe!

New Designers

There were a total of 10 new designers who portrayed their talent. These are students who are still exploring the world of fashion and design; kudos to MFWA for giving them the opportunity to showcase their work, and provide them with a stage to strengthen their confidence to improve on their skills.

Photo Steven Muliett

Sanjay Design – Metamorphosis

The collection is based on the designer’s home town Ptuj. It takes us back in time and when you look at the fabric and the materials used, these are natural. The idea behind the outfits is that these can be worn in different ways, and by different women. This was a different collection all together from what we normally see, yet interesting and different.

Photo Kurt Paris

Nilara – Alkebulan Garden of Eden

The fashion show opened with the song This is the greatest show and indeed it was! The first model walking out with the outfit was striking. She stood in the catwalk for a while before walking to the front for the audience to admire the outfit and attire… wow!

Photo Justin Ciappara

The outfits were a mix of African prints and bold colours, I practically loved each and every one of them… the mix of patterns and bright colours presented something fresh, different and appealing! Have a look…

Photo Kurt Paris

I will not be attending day 6 and 7, however I will still be posting pics of the fashion shows…. so keep following the blog!

Wishing you a good day tomorrow



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