Malta Fashion Week 2019….summing it all up!

Hello 🙂

Malta Fashion week is now officially over including the Fashion Awards. I had a look at the past week in its entirety and below are some of my thoughts on this fashion event in Malta.

Let me start off by saying that it is a very well organised event, to a T. We are lucky to have such an event, as we get to see not only the latest trends in fashion, but also the local talent which is showcased in this event.

The Atmosphere

We are in the fashion space, so hey there are no rules to what one gets to wear. There were people dressed in elegant evening wear and others in sporty casual outfits…. some others in latex and fish net tights. There were some individuals who dressed up in original and cool outfits, in the case of a few, I wondered whether it was just a matter of capturing people’s attention.

There were people waiting for the next designer presenting their collection, others busy taking selfies whilst the official photographers were capturing these moments 🙂

The Fashion Shows

These are the highlights of fashion week… and to each and every designer one cannot but appreciate the hard work that goes behind each collection. Obviously I have my favourites, this does not mean that all the others were not good, however if I had to choose my preferred ones (excluding day 6&7 as I could not attend), here they are…

Jason Grech – elegance, edgy, sexy

Nilara – African prints, ethnic, extravagant

Ritienne Zammit – artistic, cool, original

In addition to these three collections, I loved Yana’s new collection of jewellery where we saw bold colours, feathers and intricately wrapped beading.

My outfits

The moment I received the media pass in my capacity as a blogger for fashion week…. my mind started thinking on what to wear and how did I want to present myself at fashion week…🤔

I decided to buy a couple of outfits but also re-invent a few I was already in possession of, also to prove that we can use what we have an create new outfits 🙂

I experimented with different looks, from an elegant jumpsuit paired up with a leather jacket, followed by a casual look in jeans and a striking red wet look coat. Third day saw me in a dark look including a black wig and no sight of colour. I think one of the favourite looks was the one with the tutu, nothing new was bought for that outfit but it was the first time I wore them all together and they worked 🙂 I could not exclude my love of flamenco in fashion week, and where many influencers and bloggers wore crowns and bands, I opted for the flamenco version the peineta with flowers at the side – I paired these accessories with a long black pleated skirt and a redish/coral off the shoulder top with frills… to keep within the theme! On the final day of fashion week I went for a dress I love, a chiffon maxi dress with lovely summer colours…. simple, elegant and very me 🙂

What I would have liked to see

In today’s world where we are constantly talking about diversity and accepting each and every individual for who she or he is…. I did not see body diversity being represented on the runway. Amongst the models, there was not one single curvy or plus size model, which I thought was disappointing. The New York fashion week fall 2019 saw 94 appearances of curvy models… a step in the right direction. It appears that all over Europe there isn’t the appetite to do so.Malta … why can’t we be the first ones to take the plunge and introduce some of the beautiful curvy, plus size models around! I believe fashion is for everyone, so let us make it for everyone!

Thank you!

A big big thank you to a lot of people who supported me throughout last week. Friends helping me with adjusting pics, others meeting me to take the pics, others helping me find the right accessories and mainly giving me the support and encouragement to do what I am doing…. a heartfelt thank you to all…. xxx

Thank you to all those who followed fashion week through my blog …. now on to new blogs:)




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