#MFWA19….. final night


Fashion week has come to an end…. what a week! Today saw the designs and collection, VIVA, of Ritienne Zammit. An original collection inspired by the Maltese festa and the saints and martyrs celebrated in the said feasts, presented in an artistic manner. The outfits included Christian iconography prints on the material, however the outfits were edgy and modern. She blended in the local culture into her pieces and presented them in a catwalk which visually portrayed the festa. The backdrop screen was that of a church, so it gave the impression the models were walking out of the church, the catwalk had the shredded paper typically thrown at the feasts, and the models represented saints and martyrs and in one case Jesus Christ, where the model portrayed wounds to the palm of his hands.

Have a look at the pictures…. this was a great ending to the Malta fashion week!

This Friday, the fashion awards will be presented. In the meantime I am preparing my blog to give you my views on my first experience at fashion week as a blogger. I will also give you my views on the MFWA19 in general… so keep on following this space 🙂

Have a good one!



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