Different, unique and beautiful

Hello ladies!

How are you spending your summer months..? As always, I jam pack my weeks and even although sometimes I might complain on how tired I would be feeling…. I wouldn’t want it any other way 😉

I was not sure what to write about this week… last week I gave the blog a miss as I spent the w-end in London for the P!nk concert 😬😬😬 she is a great performer and artist and I must say it was a fun concert! Also, her outfits were absolutely stunning!

This w-end I finished a book by Elena Ferrante, this is my fifth book of hers that I read, and on realising the book was about to end…. I ordered her other three books which I haven’t yet read 🙂 I love reading, and summer wends lend themselves to this:)

Probably you are now saying to yourselves, but what is she on about…. pink concert, reading Elena Ferrante… isn’t this a fashion blog..?!

Pink and Elena Ferrante have absolutely nothing in common, however Pink is all about empowering women and seeking equality between genders. During the concert a video clip around this is shown to the 70,000 people in the audience.

On the other hand Elena Ferrante speaks about feminism as a movement and gender equality, and she takes it to a level where it is not about the obvious, it is not solely about women’s rights… it goes beyond that.

Have I gone toooo deep… well, these two very different experiences made me want to write about women and appearance and the expectations, especially our own expectations. We sometimes find it hard to accept ourselves as we are, we don’t recognize our strengths and beauty and focus a lot on our weaknesses. Dress up to focus on your strengths, stop apologising to yourselves about your imperfections. Skinny girls, big girls, tall, short, blonde, brunette….. each and every one of us has her strengths and it is not just about the appearance…. so as I always say, chin up, shoulders back, walk with confidence …. you go girl!

We are all different, but this makes us unique and beautiful.



2 thoughts on “Different, unique and beautiful

  1. I’ve read three of the four Neapolitan books–one a year–so this year will be my last. They are well done and interesting–as well as upsetting. I tried to watch the HBO movie but it was SO dark I couldn’t finish it. By remaining anonymous, Ferrante has created a cult following. I think she is a very gifted writer. I t will be interesting to see what she does next.

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