Summer nights and Maxi dresses

Hello ladies 🙂

And here we are enjoying the Summer months. I don’t know about you, however it is the season in which social activities are almost on a daily basis, the only issue being…. what to wear!

I love Summer wear especially outfits for our Maltese summer nights. Clearly it depends on type of event you have, but summer does lend it myself to maxi dresses and palazzo pants paired up to coloured chunky jewellery…. and I can never have enough of these 😊

Maxi Dresses

I love wearing maxi dresses for summer, there are so many variants and they are so comfortable, that to me this is the “winner” outfit for the summer. I have a variety – pleated, floral, off the shoulder, button up…. and the list goes on!

The question is … do they suit everyone..? And I will tell you…. a big YES…. you just have to choose the right one for your figure… so read below and find out 😉


If your body shape is curvy, do not go for a maxi dress which clings, however neither one which is too loose – find something in between, a dress which skims your body. Bold prints will look flattering, floral is very in this year… so go for big flowers and colours for your maxi dresses. If you are curvy and petite, add a belt to your waistline or go for A Shaped maixs.


You can opt for loose maxi dresses – pleats are in vogue and a maxi dress with pleats looks very elegant. Slender figures can also opt for strapless maxis and if your bust is small choose one with ruffles 😉

Which events are they suitable for…?

Maxi dresses are so versatile, you can dress them up or down for different occasions. It also depends on the accessories you add, and the type of shoes you wear with the dress. Stiletto heels will give the dress and elegant look, wedges are more casual yet give you the height for a casual smarty look. Flat sandals with maxi dresses look great… go for gold or silver flats, or beaded and colourful – have some fun with the outfit:)

One of my favourite buys this Summer was a maxi dress with a twist, it is off the shoulder, short from the front and long at the back. I wore wedges and pulled my hair up, to give it an edgy look.

Below are two friends of mine who wore different maxi dresses to summer weddings. Don’t they look absolutely lovely!

Ingrid in a Monsoon floral dress. Love the fan accessory 🙂
Maronna in local designer Carla Grima dress

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