Summer Sales….

Hello ladies!

Are you up for a bargain…? Summer sales are in full swing… so what should we look out for? When I go shopping I enjoy walking into shops that are organized and mix clothes and shoes to showcase different outfits. During the sales everything is stacked by size or item clothing…. so it does get abit confusing. I do struggle abit to find items I like in that set up, however here are a few tips of how I go about it.

Prior to the sale season I go round the shops and my hands do get stuck to some items I like…😬 Then there are those items that yes I like but can wait. I keep tab of which shops I saw these in and revisit the outlets during the sale season and check whether that item in my size is still available – if it is the case, then it was meant to be and I buy it 😁 I was lucky to walk into one of my favourite boutiques and found a wrap-over skirt which I had spotted pre-sale…. last size available was in my size, I really could not leave it hanging at the shop could I?!😉

Check out your wardrobes and see what you could add to mix and match to what you already have. I typically look out for t-shirts and tops to match my palazzo pants or skirts. If something else catches my eye… I do ask myself do I realllly need this? If not then the next question is…. how much do I like it and is it a classic I can also wear next year?

Check out also costume jewellery from shops – I got some really cool pieces (thanks to a recommendation from a friend of mine) from Max Mara w -end. For someone like me who enjoys adding to my collection, these little treats make me smile 🙂

If you do online shopping, do go on your favourite web sites for online clothing and you will find bargains there too. I got myself some swimwear at reduced prices from this year’s collection… and receiving the parcel adds to the excitement of the day 🙂

Happy sales ladies… let me know what bargains you made this season!

Happy holidays



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