A mix of vintage/retro style and modern… make it work ;)

Good evening!

The ladies who can pull off vintage or retro, look cool… but if you get vintage wrong… it may look odd or silly. If you are not one to typically go for vintage clothing (I personally don’t go for it), try an item or two and mix it with modern pieces and the result can be original, different and stylish!

So… how to go about this? Start off by understating the eras you personally like and go on Pinterest and search such styles…. the amount of outfits you will find are infinite! Personally I like the 1920s, 40s and 60s. But of course to each her own 🙂 Clearly you can choose any period you want and play with it… it’s so much fun ladies 😉

What I like doing is taking a style of that time and adapting it to today’s world. I love the 3/4 pencil skirts which were in during the 1940’s …. mix that with a shirt, wide belt and and hat…. and you have a vintage/modern outfit…. different, relevant today and stylish!

If you are into 1800s or real vintage periods, then try out shirts with collars of that era and dress it down with modern pants and stilettos. You can also just add some vintage jewellery to your outfit and it will definitely make an impact. I love wearing brooches on a shirt collar, it looks elegant and gives it a unique style… try it out!

Last Winter I bought vintage style shoes, and wore these with a long evening modern maxi dress and it worked. Check out what you’re comfortable in and see how best to add that edge to your outfit to make it look different yet relevant today:)

Remember you are your own style and you will only look good if you’re comfortable in an outfit….. this does not mean you should not experiment…. however always do it in moderation and ask for an opinion if unsure. Feel free to send me pics… I love it when you send me pics and tell me how you are experimenting with styles and creating new outfits 🙂

Let me know how it goes…. 😊

Ladies, have a lovely evening and dress to impress…. no one else but yourselves!

Have a good one



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