What’s up this Autumn..


So really…. sun is shining and thinking about Autumn here on our little island….?! The answer is yes…:) I do start looking out for pieces from the Autumn/winter collection. A few shops have already started displaying their new collections and I get very excited to see what’s in store for next season 😀

Personally, I love neutral colours for the colder months: grey, camel, beige, tan…. you get the drift 🙂 I then like pairing outfits in neutral colours with striking coloured shoes, or a busy patterned bag. Have a look at this all grey outfit with a red bag.

Having said that, last week I went to one of my go to shops and the shop assistant who knows my taste came to me with an acquamarine/green dress from the new collection. I tried it on and fell in love with it, colour and all! Here is a pic, however I will post another one when I get to wear it 😉

Dress – Sandro Ferrone

Leather is very in this season, mixed with different material. Dresses with leather panels at the sides or the border of a dress in leather… I like this mix personally. I find leather jackets very versatile and I like having different styles in different colours in my wardrobe… A particular one caught my eye, a blazer style leather jacket…. smart yet edgy!

Outfit and picture – Sandro Ferrone

Similar to what we have seen for the Summer months, florals will be in even for Autumn/winter time, obviously with toned down colours. Long dresses and skirts in florals for that romantic feel… Have a look at some of these lovely pieces.

Photo and outfit. – Verve boutique, Naxxar
Photo and outfit – Verve boutique, Naxxar

Pleats are still very in also, thick woolen skirts in pleats which you can wear with long boots… so comfortable and stylish! Have a look at this skirt I bought from a lovely boutique in Naxxar, Verve. This skirt can be worn with long boots for a casual look or court shoes for a smarter look😉

If you are concerned about the waistline when it comes to pleats, make sure the elastic or waistband is wide at the waist..😉

For the autumn months you can also invest in jumpsuits, there are soooo many different styles you can opt for. You can then grab your leather jacket in the Winter and keep on wearing such outfits for the colder months.

Looking forward to the fresh weather to start wearing the new pieces.

Photo and outfit – Verve boutique, Naxxar

What is your must have for the colder months…. let me know?

Have a lovely Sunday!

Take care and lots of love



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