The Trench Coat

Good morning!

Now that we had the first rainfall of the season, I thought I should put the spotlight on a staple item to have in one’s wardrobe…. the trench coat.This waterproof coat comes in very handy at this time of the year, and is also a fashion must have 🙂

The trench coat dates back to pre World War One used by army officers. The name actually caught on during World War One as it was used in the trenches. One of the first manufactures of the trench coat…. was Burberry – still one of their most popular items to this very day! And on my wish list to purchase…😉

This piece was also made famous and became popular in the fashion world thanks to its use in movies, worn mainly by detectives, gangsters and femme fatales. Humphrey Bogart wore a trench coat in the movie The Maltese Falcon and also in Casablanca. Warren Beatty wore it in the movie Dick Tracy. Leading ladies such as Marlene Dietrich and Audrey Hepburn wore the trench coat in some of the movies they starred in. One cannot forget Audrey Hepburn in the last scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s…. she most definitely helped to make the trench coat a timeless piece.

Today the trench coat is a must have in one’s wardrobe. It is not only convenient to have during the wet season, but also a fashion statement. The traditional beige double breasted trench coat is available for both males and females, however there are many different variants one finds today. The evolution of the trench coat made it a very versatile piece and one can choose to purchase this in different colours and styles.

The great thing about the trench coat is that it can be worn with smart or casual outfits. For the ladies, you can dress this with boots, heels, flats or trainers and it always looks great! In the case of the gents, it pairs up nicely with smart suits and also with a casual outfit together with a pair of Chelsea boots or trainers.

Today you can find so many different versions, not only in different colours and textures but also in different lengths and depending on the shape of your body you can adapt this to suit your figure! if you are tall you can afford to have a long trench coat, on the other hand if you are petite go for a shorter version, just under the hips. The colour and texture you choose will depend on whether you want a more serious/smart look or a fun one.

Is the trench coat an item you have in your wardrobe? Are you all for the traditional style, or do you prefer the modern variants? Let me know!

Wishing you all a positive and good week ahead!

Much love



One thought on “The Trench Coat

  1. I am so glad to see trench coats making a comeback. I had the most beautiful Foxhunt trench coat, with leather epaulets, years ago, then another I bought from Travelsmith in the 90s and literally wore out. I’ve been waiting for longer ones to return. I love the Jackie O look, too.

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