A fun Saturday creating outfits

Good morning ladies 🙂

Last week, I spent a Saturday afternoon at one of my favourite local boutiques, Verve. Isabelle from Verve created some outfits for me to try on and show you 🙂 I was in my element, trying on elegant dresses, to casual outfits to items you can mix and match in soooo many different ways!

Have a look at some of the items I tried on …obviously I could not leave empty handed…guess which outfit I took home with me:-p

The electric blue dress…very Kate Middleton style. High collar which buttons up and belt at the waistline (makes it very flattering to the figure) and a flowy lower part of the dress. One can wear this for lunches with nude shoes and turn it into an evening dress paired up with platinum high heels…a classic to have in one’s wardrobe!

This dress is the same style as the blue one, but with a completely different print! It is perhaps more adventurous in terms of the print. We paired it up with this gorgeous coat…which you can wear with many outfits and colours and surely you’ll turn heads.

This is a more casual look. I looooved the shirt…so different, edgy and cool. You can wear it with skirt as in the pic, but also with jeans, joggers, leggings, leather pants…and that print…so eye catching!

This is what I refer to as an ohh la la outfit hehe. I felt like a million dollars in this dress….elegant, sexy, sophisticated. The hair band added a touch of sparkle and the faux fur jacket a splash of luxury… Again, this is a classic which won’t go out of fashion 🙂

This is a casual/smart outfit with a touch of bright pink…the polo neck and the detail on the jacket…match perfectly! The jacket can be worn with office work outfits, to casual ones…and again something out of the ordinary 🙂

This outfit which Isabelle created turned out to be soooo chic, edgy, comfortable and ideal for any small gatherings you may have at home with your family during this time of year. The dress on its own is very elegant, however we dressed it down by including a white shirt underneath and replaced heels with cool booties… love it! Also, have a look any the detail of the lace…

The picture doesn’t do the outfit justice…this trouser suit has a golden shimmer to it, so adds that sparkle for the festive season which we all need. I wore a body suit with a touch of lace beneath, which again you can wear with so many other items…pencil skirts, pleated skirts, trousers, jeans…you name it;)

Those were the outfits I tried on and I loved every second of it! These are just a few ideas of how one can mix and match certain items and also accessories to create an outfit. Isabelle at Verve will help you with finding the right outfit for you….and be open to ideas…;)

Here’s wishing you all a lovely Sunday and great week ahead



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