Dress up or dress it down…

Hello ladies,

Hope you are all well. I find myself looking at my wardrobe and staring at dresses and outfits which I consider as smart or elegant and nowhere to wear these right now, unless we venture out to an elegant restaurant…so shall I leave these outfits hanging …nahhhhh…here are a few tips of how you can wear the same item of clothing and dress it up or down. I hope you enjoy reading this, as much as I enjoyed writing and planning this blog post 🙂 Most of the pics were taken at the Barakka gardens in our gorgeous city 🙂

The Jumper

This white jumper is one of my favourite pieces of the season. I first paired up this white jumper with an elegant back skirt and silver heels…I had already posted this outfit during the Xmas season. Off go the heels and on go the booties and the outfit now has a more casual feel to it. You can opt to wear trainers for an even more casual look 😉 Finally I paired the jumper with white jeans and lumberjack boots…and voila…casual outfit wearing the same top 🙂

The Knit dress

Same dress worn in two different ways just by changing the accessories and shoes…smart to casual in seconds 🙂 Shoes and accessories can vary the style of your outfit. Adding faux fur obviously gives the outfit a more sophisticated, chic look….whereas the trainers and the long necklace in the second pic give it a relaxed feel.

The Cardi

The cardigan…loving cardis right now, they are so versatile. I am just giving two examples here wearing the same cardi, one is a smart look, and the other is a casual look with jeans…BUT you can wear cardigans in so many different ways and creating so many different outfits…I think the cardi deserves a solo blogpost 😉

The jumpsuit

I created three different looks wearing the same black jumpsuit. I can wear it to the office by adding a black blazer, pearls, nude pumps and a classic handbag. If I am going out for a stroll or a casual lunch, I pair it up with trainers and a rust leather jacket together with a cross body bag. Meeting the girls for the night…same jumpsuit but adding big gold earrings, red bag and red lippy and of course…gold sandals…and a change from morning to night pronto 😉

These were just a few ideas…look at what you have inside your wardrobe and think of ways to create variations with the same item of clothing. Please let me know if you need help with any, you can post on the comments below or send me a message and I will gladly give you a few tips…:)

Wishing you all a great week ahead

Take care



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