My experience of working with a nutritionist and training programme

Good evening 🙂

All those who follow me on Instagram know that a few months ago I decided to embark on a programme with a professional nutritionist and also wanted to try out a fitness programme. In this blog I will speak about my experience, so that if anyone is thinking of starting this journey…I hope to encourage you to do so. I want to make it clear that this is not an advert, and that it is my personal experience with working with two professional women who helped me in this journey.

Back in March, I decided I wanted to take on fitness classes. I had a few concerns, one was covid and not being able to go to class given gyms were closed, and therefore not knowing how I could do these online. The other concern was that in the past I had tried out fitness classes and workouts, but unfortunately some pushed me to limits which went beyond what I could handle. I came across Active Spirit by Angele, and she posted a free strength workout with no equipment required. I thought…there’s no harm in trying it out…and I am so glad I did…! The workout was professionally filmed and explained in a way that can be followed easily. I felt I had worked my muscles but did not feel an over exertion or that I needed to stop as soon as I had started. So i decided to subscribe to the online workouts, these are pre-recorded and each exercise is explained in detail. There are three different levels and different timings for a large variety of workouts. I got hooked and feel so much better. The fact that I can do these workouts anytime I want, really fits in with my busy schedule, and initially it also helped with not being watched by others…🙈 I would like to go to a class at the studio now…as I am sure I will benefit from advice from the experts 🙂

A few weeks after I started this fitness journey, I asked Angele whether she has any meal plans and she recommended BalancebySara, a professional qualified nutritionist. I got in touch with Sara and we had a chat around what I wanted out of it. My primary goal was not weight loss, I wanted to learn more about finding the right balance with respect to nutrition. It was a learning experience and Sara helped me in different areas and the sessions were not limited to planning a meal, but to lifestyle changes with respect to food, reading labels, supplements, sleeping patterns and much more…:)

What I found in both Active Spirit and Balance by Sara, is that they genuinely both help with improving a lifestyle to a healthier one and not a promise of a six pack in a few weeks. I am seeing positive changes and feeling much better …and yes my muscles are getting toned and I am pleased, but it is through this journey and not with quick diets and heavy training sessions which only provide weight loss for the short term.

Finally, I must say both women are very sweet and always ready to answer my questions and help out with concerns I may have. I would like to thank them both for assisting me in this journey…one which makes me feel better 🙂

You may find their links: and

Have a good one !



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