Hello everyone 🙂

I hope you are all keeping well. Today’s blog post is inspired by an article I recently read about the topic of perfectionism.

Today’s society especially in the western world, appears to have an obsession on wanting a perfect life. By perfect, I mean…a picture perfect house (I specifically did not use the world home…), perfect weddings (again I did not use the word marriage), perfect holidays in idyllic places to post on social media and tell the world how great it is…and of course we need to look perfect…with more people resorting to cosmetic surgery and filters on social media apps.

I must say, that even I get caught in this trap on occasions. There is a fine line between wanting to better yourself and seeking artificial perfection. Perfection doesn’t exist, and I fear that in our obsession with wanting this perfection, we’re missing out on life and not living our present in search for this perfect future.

In the fashion and beauty industry, perfection seems to be the ultimate goal on body shape and looks. For my fashion blog, I do post pictures of me to highlight the outfit and I do sometimes get comments on my wrinkles or a tired look. The truth is, yes sometimes I feel tired and opt to share my ootd pic anyway. If you meet me outside, that’s how I ll look…I cannot filter reality can I…?;)

I strongly believe in working on oneself, bettering oneself in life, and in being ambitious, but not with making unreachable goals of perfection, which won’t fulfill that void we think it will fill. So let’s live our present and plan for a better future, accepting that sometimes ordinary can feel good 😉

Wishing you all a “perfect” week…(I had to…😉)

Take care



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