The Guerlain experience

Good afternoon:)

Last Tuesday I was invited to attend a session showcasing Guerlain’s products at Franks Perfumery, with focus on skincare, particularly the Albeille Royale range. An international rep from the brand was here to facilitate the session. The session was very professional and in line with all COVID regulations:)

The session was so interesting as the Guerlain expert (unfortunately I cannot recall her name), started off with a history of the brand…going back to Napoleon III…I love it when people explain where and how things came about. She then explained about Guerlain’s commitment to sustainability, particularly with this range, which involves education around the bees, the benefits of bees and bee keeping, going around schools to provide insight and also giving women opportunities with respect to bee keeping. They work closely with UNESCO. In today’s world, where we are all seeing the impact we have on the environment, every little step that we can help in, is a plus. Seeing large corporations committing to the environment is positive!

Napoleon III and the Guerlain bee bottle

Now let’s talk about the products…👏 I use the Albelle Royale range, so these were not new to me. The cleansing oil, which turns into milk when removing make up, is one of my favourite products. I recently also bought the watery oil, as a pre serum, it nourishes the skin and I love using it when I feel my skin dry during the day and voila…it’s an instant boost! We were shown the day and night creams, but I was interested in the eye r repair serum, which has a special applicator which feels cold to the skin, purposely to reduce puffiness. I bought this last Tuesday, as my eye area is always of concern to me. I have used this product for a few days, so I will tell you about it in a few months time, but it does help with morning puffiness around the eye 🎉 Another product she spoke to us about was the advanced youth watery oil. I still have the previous version…so will try this out once I finish my product 🙂 but if it is better than the current one…then eager to try it out 🙂

What was also interesting is that, she emphasized using hands to apply the skincare and not cotton discs, as it helps with the absorption of the product into our skin rather than half of it being lost to the disc…;) we should tap eye creams and serums around the eyes, and circular motions for the day and night creams.

The products are not cheap, however if you want to spoil yourself or try one product to pamper yourself, I would start off with the watery oil or a serum…they are a must have in my view.

Thank you Franks for inviting me, it felt some normality is slowly coming back… The welcome drinks and nibbles (all individually packed) were an added bonus. Thank you Guerlain for the session and the goodie bag!

Wishing you all a lovely Saturday evening!

Watch out for the next blog post, I will talk about finding the right pair of jeans for one’s shape.

Take care



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