Jeans…helping you find the perfect fit for your body shape

Hello 🙂

If you are anything like me…the item I struggle with most is finding the right pair of jeans. Even when I find a brand I like, it all depends on the cut and style of that particular pair. In this blog you will find a few tips on what suits the different body shapes…I hope it helps you 🙂

Loose fit jeans

The now so called “boyfriend jeans” 🙂 these suit best petite and slim, athletic figures. Most women with larger frames believe that they should go for wide and loose…it’s actually the opposite…show off your curves woman!!! For the ladies with petite frames, pair up a loose pair of jeans with a tight fitting top and heels and blazer if opting for a casual/smart look or trainers for a sporty look 🙂

The bootcut and the flare

The bootcut was so in during the nineties…and they are making a comeback this season. These cuts suit best hourglass (where the bust and hips are almost equal in size) and the pear shaped (upper body is narrower than lower body – hips). What you need to be mindful of when wearing this type of cut is the length of the jeans…you don’t want it too short as it will look “funny”. So ensure you decide whether you ll be pairing it with flats or heels when shopping;)

The straight leg

This cut suits a number of body shapes, from slim to hour glass figures. This cut works with flats and can be worn with sweaters, shirts and blazers, t-shirts and many more…:) It is useful to have a pair of straight legs as it never quite goes out of fashion.

The Skinny jeans

We had this style for quite a few years now and fashion bloggers are in a debate on whether this style is in or out for the seasons to come. I’m on the let it stay! Skinny jeans suit many different body types. The larger frames can show off their curves and pair it with tunics and blazers. Petite frames can pair these up with loose fitting tops and balloon sleeve tops. The beauty of this style is that you can wear flats, heels, court shoes, boots …you name it! So let’s vote for skinny jeans to stay 😉

Some other tips

Be mindful of the rise when choosing your style. Low, medium or high rise. If you have a tummy, avoid low and high rise, the former will make your tummy roll over the button whereas latter will make it bulge out. So let’s leave those for ladies with a flat tummy 🙂 For all others who like me will bloat during the day or will always have some tummy (cos I love my food;) we will stick to the mid rise jeans.

I hope you find these tips useful.

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday and week ahead



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