Do women shop and spend more than men…? 🧐

Good morning!

I hope you all are having a lovely w-end 🙂 today’s blog post will probably interest both women and men…;) Who spends more on shopping…women or men…? The general feeling is that women spend more…however I read that in 2021 in the States, the trend starting changing and men are spending more on non-essentials and by far spend more than women on on-line shopping. I don’t know whether this is also a trend in Europe, it’s definitely not a reflection of my household…😂

It appears form a number of studies carried out, that women are more influenced by social media than men. I for one tag my favourite shops on social media, and whenever they post pictures of the new stock, I obviously am eager to go and have a look for myself, and never leave empty handed. This doesn’t mean that men are not influenced by social media, however in general they do follow less.

Now…the interesting part! Women spend more than men unknowingly! (I can imagine the faces men are making when reading this…😜) There is, what is referred to “the pink tax”. In summary women pay more for the same product as men. Deodorants, blades, scarves…a dash of pink and voila, the price is higher! In some of the articles I read, they state that women spend 8 to 13 % more than men on the same type of product, and this goes beyond supermarket items, it extends to loans, dry cleaning etc…

The question which I raised and trying to answer is…but why…? From the little I found about the reason, it appears that in some cases it is intentionally discriminatory and in some cases, driven by profits. It appears women will purchase a product they want/need regardless of the price. Clearly, these are very generic statements, but it seems to be one of the reasons.

So ladies, let us be on the look out when products are marketed for women…we could be paying more solely for the packaging. If you carry our a simple internet search of “pink tax”, you will be surprised at all the items we get to pay more for than men!

I hope you found this interesting…there is much more to write about on this topic…and I will address it in some other blogs of mine 🙂

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday!



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