A trip to the city that never sleeps…

Last week, I had to travel on a work trip to the Big Apple, hence my silence in the blog. I had visited New York four years ago and seen all the main sites. This time round it was work focused, however fortunately I did have a day where I could go round the city or rather fifth avenue 😉 Before I get to that, let’s start off with … the flight.

In my previous job, I used to travel a lot on work including long haul destinations. Initially, I used to walk down the plane looking miserable, my skin lacking oxygen and make up which I had put on hours before, falling apart. I had met a person, a colleague and a friend, who used to travel a lot who had shared with me a few tricks which I will now share with you.


When I travel I still want to wear something comfy yet stylish. I typically opt for jeans, a shirt, a pullover or blazer and smart flats. If you’re sitting in a plane for over 5 hours – jeans start feeling tight after a while. Also after a long haul flight, you feel messy in the same clothes you started off your trip in. So, I carry with me another outfit to change during the flight. I’ll have a pair of sweat pants and pullover and after the take off I change to those. When maneuvering in my seat with a tray of food in front of me, it’s not the first time I spill food or drink! This won’t really matter if you’re in your other outfit 😉

Skin and make up

Small make up bags (to fit in a hand bag) with sample skin care are a must to carry on such trips! I always carry with me make up remover wipes, serum and moisturizer for the face when travelling. I also carry basic make up to touch up before leaving the plane. These are always kept handy in my bag. An hour before landing, I go to the restrooms, clean my face with the wipes and refresh my skin with the serum and cream. After a number of hours in dry air, my skin craves for it. I then put on the base, such as hydrating foundation followed by mascara and nude lipstick. I don’t put much make up, just enough to feel more refreshed. I change into my jeans and shirt and hurray … I feel so much better!

Sample skincare to carry with you on plane
Small pocket with necessary make up basics

I hope you like these tips, to make your journey and flights more bearable. I don’t walk out of the plane looking like a Hollywood star mind you, but I do feel better when I follow these steps 😊

A few windows in the Big Apple

Now, for the more exciting stuff! Here are some pictures (apologies for the quality) of some windows of designer flagship stores and stores in New York.

You will note that the theme is: bold and colour or prints. You can see this in the various clothes and items they create. One of my favourite windows was that of Salvatore Ferragamo. The collection incorporates the monogram of their gancini symbol. The window was a complete show of this, which in my view is bold and powerful. Have a look and see what you think. Others might prefer the sportier, casual window of Michael Kors.

Salvatore Ferragamo window and the gancini symbol

Michael Kors window in 5th Avenue

Department stores showcasing various designer clothes

Tommy Hilfiger flagship store…. design is amazing

So have a look inside your wardrobe and check out the coloured items you have or those with prints. Don’t be scared to use them… go for it! If you are less adventurous , why not try jazz up a plain outfit with a colourful scarf or wear a black outfit and bright coloured shoes. Think about it…. and dare to be slightly different 🙂

Next…will post on one of my favourite accessories…. hats 🙂

Have a great Saturday evening!



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