Reinventing your wardrobe…. with items you already have 🤩

Good morning!

I have been thinking about this blog post for quite a while. I don’t know about you, however I sometimes get into the habit of wearing a particular shirt , with a particular pair of trousers paired up with same shoes and bag I would normally wear with them and off I go… it is convenient when you are in a rush, but killing the creativity and fun we can have with clothes and accessories we already own. Also, we all go through times where financially we cannot afford to shop as much as we would love to. Here are a few ideas of how you can shop your own wardrobe 🙂

Organise yourself

You need to know what you own, to be able to think about and create different outfits with clothes you already have. A friend of mine had told me that her wardrobe is colour coded, I gave her a look of shock and disbelief. When my wardrobe got to a stage where I was shifting hangers around trying to find something I know I had, I decided to spend a Saturday organising my wardrobe in terms of items and colour. It really does help. You will find some clothes you haven’t actually worn in a while! Plan the time to do this, it takes a a while but it is really worth it!

Be creative!

Nothing beats the feeling of buying something new, and when we go shopping or when we are filling up the online shopping carts, we start planning different outfits in our head. Do the same with the items you already have. Think of different looks and get inspired by others. Go on Pinterest, follow others on Instagram to get different ideas. (You can follow me on yans-imagecons on Instagram, I do post ootd quite often;)

Ask yourself, what look to you feel like? Professional, rock chick, chic, smart and then have a good look at your wardrobe and start creating. Re-mix the clothes you already own, and voila’ you have a brand new outfit! Add accessories like brooches and scarves ( perhaps worn as belts 😉 and play around with creating your own individual look.

Have fun!

Enjoy and have fun doing this. It is really important to find the time, otherwise you will end up with half the wardrobe all lying around and you will find yourself frustrated rather than creative 😉 Think differently and you will realise that you can come up with so many different creations.

Mix your smart trousers with flats and a denim shirt for a sportier look. That evening dress you bought for a wedding which is now hanging in your wardrobe – dress it down with booties and a leather jacket. Blazers are very in this season, don’t leave them only for your office job or smart occasion, have you ever tried pairing up a blazer with jeans and trainers?

Here are three different outfits with the same pair of trousers. A skirt which can be worn for an elegant do, or for a hip party.

Let me know what different outfits you create in the comments – I always enjoy hearing from you!

Smart look

Same trousers, casual look!

Same trousers, different style 🙂

Go elegant..👠👜
Go rock chick 🎸

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