Glowing in the Summer sun 🌞


Summer is here and the sun is shining…. and now I am in full swing summer mode! Last Thursday I was invited to the Summer event at Franks. The event was held at one of their shops – The Plaza, Sliema. Franks is no new name in the perfumery space here in Malta. It is a family run business which continuously reinvents itself. I attended the event with a friend of mine, Maronna and we had a great time exploring what is new in the market for the summer.

The owners and staff of Franks greeted us and we were treated to canapés and drinks at the wine bar and gin bar with a great selection of gin. The summer make – up collections were showcased together with sun protection products.

Two make-up demonstrations were organised, one using Dior products (unfortunately I cannot recall the name of the make up artist who led it), and another one using Guerlain products led by Chris Attard. They provided us with some great tips on how to apply the skincare and what make up looks we can create for summer. I particularly liked the Dior eyeshadow palette with a mix of nude, gold and bronze colours. I also love the Dior mascara, which I tried and tested – the iconic overcurl. Interesting were the contouring products of Guerlain, and Chris showed us how these need to be applied in order to enhance our features and create a Summer glow. The terracotta collection is always one of my favourites when it comes to Guerlain.

A third demonstration was presented by Claire Falzon, on products related to sun protection. I found this very interesting and useful for this time of the year. Claire explained what needs to be done in order to protect our skin and yet still be able to obtain a tan. She also introduced me to some new products in the market, and I obviously purchased one 😬…. and I love it! Shiseido launched a summer collection of sun products, some specifically for sports or outdoor activities. These range from a protective mist, to sports bb in compact form. This last product is the one I bought, and it is fantastic! It gives a light coverage, not too heavy for a day ay the beach, it is waterproof and gives that added glow. I must also add that the packaging is perfect as the product is easy to carry around and has a sponge within its plastic case. It is also reasonably priced. I spend wends at sea, and I still want to feel and look good so this product now made it inside my beach bag;-)

The selection and variety of make-up and skincare products available is large and we really have no excuse in protecting our skin. Make sure you apply the right skincare and should you wish to add some make up…. there is the right product for every occasion 🙂

Enjoy your summer ladies!



Pictures from Franks page

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