Some of my favorite skin care products

Hello ladies 🙂

Does it only happen to me, that most of my skincare finishes at the same time…?! I love my skincare routine and enjoy shopping for my skincare but when they finish at the same time, ahhh the expense hurts hehe 🙂

First things first, I never ever miss my morning and evening skincare routines. It is a ritual, it doesn’t take long and I just love the feeling of a clean and soft face. Do try and dedicate a few minutes every day to look after your skin. You will find products for different budgets. Here are some of my favourite products…

I am a huge fan of Guerlain for skincare…which is not the cheapest brand out there, however the products last me for months. In the past couple of years I also discovered the Skin Clinic range, which from a budget perspective is less expensive than Guerlain and have some very good products. I like having different brands but to be honest I don’t venture much with variety…if they work, stick to them is my thinking…


I tried different products, ranging from milky ones, creamy etc. The following two are my favourite, the Make up Factory foam to foam make-up remover. It is a wash, and it removes all traces of make up, and leaves you with a feeling of a tight, clean face…similar to when you wash your face with soap and water. Given it is a wash and removes make-up…it is fantastic as in a couple of minutes all make up is off your face 🙂

Then… there is the amazing Guerlain cleansing oil from the Albeille Royale range. You literally pump a couple of drops of this oil, mix with water which turns into a milk…wash your face and voila. It removes make-up and your skin feels extremely soft…

These two products are very different, if you prefer the soap and water sensation, go for the Make Up Factory one, whereas the Guerlain oil is almost moisturizing as you cleanse. I think the former is better at removing all traces of make up.


I have two serums in my list 🙂 The Guerlain Albeille Royale daily repair serum. I had also tried the double R (renew and repair) of this range…but currently sticking to the daily repair serum for the morning. In the evening I use the Skin Clinic Ferulast serum….which is fantastic.


This is one of the areas I struggle with…I am currently, on the Albeille Royale range for eye cream. I purchased some eye masks from Kiko, which I think helped with the puffiness around the eye area. I am still on the look out for an eye product which works better for me…so if you have an amazing find…do share 🙂


I am currently using the Guerlain Albeille Royale moisturizer for the morning, and purchased Ovalift from the Skin Clinic for the night, but only got this yesterday….so I cannot tell you much about it…yet 🙂

I spent a number of years using the Super Acqua range from Guerlain, which I used to find great and also used the Active Plus night cream from Skin Clinic…but was recommended the Ovalift so trying it out ☺️

Other products

I have some pigmentation on one side of the face…and found the Skin Clinic Melanyc daily good. I use it every day…and it took months for the pigmentation to lighten up, but it did! It is extremely important that we also use sunblock for the face especially in Malta as the sun is very strong and damaging to the skin. Put the sun block at the end of your skin care routine.

Another product, which I like using is the Payot cleanser micellar with raspberry extracts which I use as a toner…and it smells divine 😉

Last Saturday when shopping for my skin care, I was recommended the Elizabeth Arden retinol capsules. Retinol stimulates collagen production and accelerates skin turnover. So far I tried one capsule, and the texture is ammmazzzing, but will tell you of the effectiveness in a month or so 🙂 I was also given some other capsules from this range to try out….I will let you know 🙂

So those were some products I love using. As I said there is a lot to choose from, other brands and ranges, cheaper and more expensive (you can find some with gold leaf extracts …😮) My dear grandma who is no longer with us used to tell me…always use moisturizer, even if it not an expensive brand…look after your skin.

Here is wishing you all a great week ahead.

Take care and much love



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