Partial lockdown…what to do…?

Hello everyone!

I spent some time thinking about what to write in my next fashion blog given the current situation. Here in Malta we are on partial lockdown, many of us are working from home and all schools, gyms, bars and restaurants are now closed. We find ourselves in a surreal situation…how do we manage this…? I am no professional to be giving advice, but this is how I am trying to cope and here are me two pennies worth…😉


I’ve come to realise that I need routine in my life…so even although I am working from home, I need my time table. I wake up at my usual time, have my coffee, shower followed by skin care routine. Ladies, let’s come out of this with radiant skin 😉 Morning skincare to me is a ritual…it does not take a lot of your time. I then still put on some make-up, just because I feel better.


Following instructions from the authorities, schools have been closed, including my dance school…so no happy place for me for now 😭. Having said that my school will be sending us clips with dance exercises and maybe online lessons too☺️

Every morning I do my 20 push ups, however this is not sufficient exercise seeing I am spending a lot of time at home, so I’m back to my solo jogging routines, given we can still go out for now. Clearly, if this changes…I will need to find some home exercises … exercise helps me switch off and get away from all the posts and opinions of people about covid19 on social media…and also away from the fridge for a little while 😜


I enjoy reading, and with less social events to attend, I might actually reach and surpass my goal for the reading challenge 🙂 my books are stacked on my bedside table and my digital books on my tablet…just waiting to be read 😉


Of course, if we are working from home, I won’t be in my smart outfits and heels, but no way will I stay in pjs or a dressing gown🤦‍♀️. I wear comfy clothes, and just in case I have a vid conference perhaps a blazer paired with sweat pants…😜 We are not prohibited to go out as yet, but social distancing is highly recommended. A friend of mine suggested we go back to a few centuries ago, and wear the fully blown Victorian dresses, and voila, we are a metre away from each other 😉

I will try post some ootd, perhaps spring outfits, to have some normality in this time which feels quite the opposite.


As you know by now, I love music and it keeps my spirits high. So since I am spending a lot of time at home, dance classes have been cancelled and socializing is very limited… music becomes even more essential! When I feel anxious or I start overthinking, I connect my Spotify music to my beloved portable speaker and sing and dance away my frustrations…

And just for the kicks, I asked my friends to come up with a list of songs to have a COVID19 top 10 playlist…and they never disappoint…we have more than 10;)

  • Nothing’s gonna stop us now
  • Should I stay or should I go
  • I will survive
  • La solitudine
  • Under pressure
  • Our house
  • Time after time
  • Tainted love
  • Sit and wait
  • All by myself

My favorite song at this time is the song Gimme Hope Joanna, I love the upbeat song with the word hope, and it reminds me of a fun wedding with great friends and colleagues, all dressed up to the nines where we danced the night away… a great memory which brings a smile to my face.

Let me know which songs you would add to the list above😉

This was my light hearted blog post to keep our sanity 🙂

Do listen and follow all that the health authorities are asking from us, if we all do our part, we can…beat it, just beat it 😉

Take care

Lots of love



Women’s Day Special 🌼

Good morning and happy women’s day ladies!

Firstly, a big thank you to all the women in my life. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by women who have my back. My mum, who raised me to be independent yet respectful of others, my sister who spoils me rotten, my bestie who knows exactly what I need…every time, the ladies in the team I work in, I could not ask for better colleagues xxx I could go on a write about women’s day and how I believe that growth and success should not have anything to do about gender and irrespective of whether one is male or female we all have our responsibilities and should work together and not compete…but this is a fashion blog, so …let’s keep it light 😉

Last week was the birthday of one of my friends and she asked some of the girls to join her for a one night pop over to Gozo. It so happened that it was just a week before woman’s day and so I decided to recount our fun w-end and obviously share with you the outfits we took up and tell you what we were up to!

Ingrid (the birthday girl), Maronna, Helena and myself met up on Saturday morning to cross over to Gozo with one car. This is what happens when you tell the girls that I would be blogging about our w end and outfits…

Plan was to have a light lunch, and then off for an afternoon at the spa… I told the girls I wanted to take a few pics of how we really are when we take a pic, and how other bloggers would pose… so enjoy some of our funny pics taken 😉

This is us 🙂

This is us trying to pout…😂

Maronna in her morning outfit…I so love the boots!

Ingrid loving her new bag …and so do we!

Off to the spa, we were booked for massages. We had a few hours of total relaxation, forgetting all our troubles.

Top pic is what we thought we looked like, bottom pic is so us…😜

After spa drink and off we went to get ready for our dinner. We got all glammed up for the night…have a look at the lovely outfits, but more importantly the way these ladies pulled it off!


Our birthday girl Ingrid, opted for a red top and striped coloured skirt. Ingrid loves colours and she can pull of some outfits with different colours which few people can. She completed her look with a desigual coat and wow did she look one confident, don’t mess with me woman!

I opted for a plain black dress, with some detail at the top, and I wore a fluffy yellow bag to add some colour:)

Maronna went for a combination of red and black, she opted for black pants, paired up with a frilly red top and desigual leather jacket. Very casual chic style…so Maronna ☺️ Tres chic…

Finally, Helena in her lbd…and didn’t she look stunning! Helena wore a black desigual dress complemented with blush nude accessories.

We had a lovely evening together, chatting away and making memories.

We ended our night by meeting up all in one room, and the girls introduced me to a series I had never watched…Miranda. These instances are testimony to the camaraderie between us. We had a good laugh followed by a good night sleep.

The next morning we took it easy, roamed around Gozo, we went to Citadella and walked around and then stopped for Sunday lunch. It was then time to setback home. Spending time with the girls is always a feel good factor.

To end my blog post of woman’s day, I would like to thank those men in my life, who have shown me respect, and irrespective of my gender or age believe in me and my capabilities. Together is how we bring about change ☺️

Have a lovely Sunday

Much love



Our Gozo album below…😉

DIY pampering session :-)

Hello ladies ☺️

Last Friday, husband had an event to go to and I had the house to myself and after a long week I decided to treat myself to some me time.

At my age I am still spoilt by mummy, and she prepared one of her homemade dishes for me. So dinner was set, I opened a good bottle of wine to accompany my meal and helped myself to two glasses ☺️ I thought I deserved some chocolate after that and watched an F1 series I discovered on Netflix, whilst eating my dinner…bliss.

I then prepared the bathroom for a long hot shower, lit on my guerlain aroma candles, switched on Spotify on my favourite playlist and left all the stress of the week away from my surroundings… I used a body scrub which was given to me by a friend for the secret Santa exchange (thank you…love it) and treated my bleached highlighted hair to a treatment, which I highly recommend. The treatment is called Link-d (I used numbers 3 and 4), after the first shampoo you apply a generous amount of the conditioner, towel dry your hair and apply a leave in conditioner of the same brand. My hair feels soft and smooth. I applied my milkshake leave in mousse to add more moisture to it and hair feels regenerated 🙂

Hair was done, it was then time for skincare. I applied a hypoallergenic body lotion which works wonders and is not expensive ladies ☺️ from the Uriage brand. I cleansed my face with the Make-up factory face wash (it leaves no traces of make-up!) I then applied my guerlain eye cream and skin clinic serum and night cream, I massaged my face with the said creams and was ready to jump into bed.

Into a fresh pair of pjs, I made myself a herbal tea, and jumped straight to bed. I decided to sleep to an old romcom movie, You‘ve got Mail. Love the scene when they connect to the internet with a modem…today’s generation won’t recall the patience it took to connect to the net😉 I did not get to watch all the movie, as somewhere along the way I fell asleep, which I guess is a good sign, as it means I was relaxed and drifted off to dreamworld…

We all need some time to ourselves to re-energise and look after ourselves. We lead busy lives (and I wouldn’t want it any other way to be honest), however sometimes it is good to switch off for a while and spoil ourselves. You do not need to spend a fortune, just make some time to yourselves, eat your favorite food, and treat yourselves to some treatments ☺️

Let me know whether you find some time to switch off once in a while, and what do you to spoil YOU!

I feel ready and set to face the coming week, just put on a smile…and voila …let’s do this ☺️

Have a good one



Finding your personal style

Hello ladies and gents:)

This blog post applies to all!

When chatting between us, and talking about fashion and what we wear, like and dislike, we sometimes hear someone saying… that is not my style. What is your personal style… and how do you find it…?

Sometimes I am tagged in posts of outfits or make-up as people know it is something I would potentially like, as by now they know my style and what I am willing to wear when it comes to colours, shape, fabrics etc and what I feel comfortable in. Some people struggle with what is their personal style… here are a few questions you need to ask yourselves to find your style😉

What are you comfortable in?

When talking about comfort, I don’t mean flats and sweatpants, comfortable in the way you look and the image you want to portray. I think this is key, it is useless trying to fit into something or splashing on make-up, and when you look into a mirror and think…eehmmm, I don’t like myself. I never sacrifice my style for the sake of fashion. Of course, I do follow the latest trends but I adapt them to feel comfortable and confident in what I wear. This does not mean that I don’t experiment, for example the camouflage dress I posted a couple of weeks ago is out of my comfort zone, but I added the hat to make it more “me” 🙂

Make an outfit your own!

What do you want to communicate with your look?

Do you want to seek attention or the other extreme, not to be noticed? Do you want to portray confidence, a bold personality. Are you in tune with your personality with the look you are portraying? Also, look at your surroundings. Will I look out of place if I wear such outfits to this particular event….? If so, are you comfortable with that, or would you rather fit in and go with the flow?

How do you go about it?

Initially, you need to experiment. Look at bloggers and magazines for inspiration, and slowly adapt these to make them your own, refine it and add your own touch. Dress up and see how comfortable you feel in it and also see what feedback you get from your true friends. Finding your own style is a journey, it is fun and enjoy it! By time you will also note that it will change and evolve.

I hope this blog posts helps you with identifying your own style…let me know!

All the best for the week to come ☺️




Good morning!

I hope you all had a good week, and if it was not one of your best ones, what did you do to feel better?

On those days when I am feeling upset or going through a tough patch there is no better cure than a chat with my best friend (might also include a glass of wine😉 ), a jog to clear my mind and music…

This is not me…just saying 😂😂😂

To these I must add going round the shops to a busy place, not necessarily shopping (even although some retail therapy sometimes does it;). People and a busy spot give me energy.

And like the song goes

When you’re alone, and life is making you lonely You can always go 
When you’ve got worries, all the noise and the hurry Seems to help, I know
Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city Linger on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty…

Some people prefer going to a spot away from everything to reflect. In my case, I prefer first clearing my mind and go round the shops and sitting at a coffee shop listening to the sound of a city.

January can be a tight month financially and retail therapy might be difficult to apply;) If I am window shopping I go round the shops for ideas on how I can mix the different clothes I have to create outfits… try it out! And then if you want to get yourself a lil pressie… go for a lipstick or mascara or something small so as not to break the bank but still gives you the thrill of shopping💄🎊

If like me you looove music (I wake up and my music is on!), on one of those bad days I select Downtown and sing and dance to it whilst getting ready to go round the shops… and yes I do then feel a little better…:)

Here’s wishing you a good week ahead and remember chin up and smile!

Lots of love



Fashion Resolutions… what will yours be?😉

Happy New Year!

New year, fresh start and with it come all our self-promises and resolutions. I am not one keen on resolutions, three weeks in, I typically am back into my busy schedule and routine and forget all about what seemed a great idea beginning January. I do however set goals for myself, realistic ones. I do this every year and I do achieve most of them. One of my annual goals is setting the number of books I will read throughout the year, and I always increase the number by one or two books annually. To this this I add another two goals I want to work on and list these down on my mobile notes….lest I forget😉

My favourite spot where I get to write my blog posts:)

I read an interesting article on Vogue about fashion resolutions and what the editors of the major fashion magazines vouched to stick to in 2020 with respect to fashion. These varied between shopping only for what is necessary, giving out something one is in possession of when purchasing something new, buying only one or two outfits however only of good quality and the list goes on. I never set myself any fashion resolutions…but after reading this I thought, I should add a goal to my list. So I thought… what is good to do and will also work? I decided to set a monthly budget I intend spending on my clothes, shoes and make-up. This gives me the freedom (to my mind) to shop for anything I want but within a monthly budget I set… let’s see how this goes…🙄 yikes…will I manage this you think? 😉

Always ask yourself these questions before you actually purchase an item of clothing:

  • How many times will I realistically wear this?
  • Can I mix and match it with different outfits?
  • Does the price make sense for this piece? (If spending a substantial amount, is it a classic you will make use of or something which will be out of fashion in a couple of months?)

The struggle I will find with this goal is when it comes to shoes… I find it hard to resist when I see a pair I fall in love with, which is quite often…😂

So ladies let me know what fashion resolutions you will set? Let me know in the comments 🙂

I have some ideas for my 2020 blog posts, let me know of any particular ones you would like me to write about.

Cheers and all the best



Looking forward to discover 2020…


As 2019 is coming to an end, I look back at my first year of fashion blogging 🙂 Thank you to all those who followed me on the blog and also to those who participated and assisted in the photo shoots.

As you know the intention of the blog is to reach out to all women of different shapes and sizes… we are all different and unique and we can all look good! I hope I managed to pass on this message 😊 I hope that through my blog I gave the confidence to at least one person to feel good in their body… if I managed that I am super happy!

Let us discover together what 2020 will bring with it in the world of fashion and let’s see how we can make it work for all of us!

Tonight whether you are staying in with your sweatpants and hoodies or going out for the night in you sparkly outfits… remember that the best way to feel good is being yourselves. Wear that smile, chin up and remember you are beautiful!

Wishing you all the best for 2020

Lots of love



What to wear this festive season 🌟

December is here and this is the season for after work drinks, parties, balls, gala nights and celebrations, but this also means that we need the right outfit for these occasions….what to wear, what to wear?! I will be outlining a few ideas for you to create different looks for this festive season.


This all depends on the event you will be attending. If you are heading for drinks with your friends after work but you don’t have to time to change, grab a pair of jeans and high heeled shoes perhaps with some sparkle and voila’ you are all set for a night out with your friends.

During this time of the year it is good to invest in party tops, as these can be worn with jeans, tailored trousers, midi and miniskirts; they are the most versatile addition to your wardrobe and you can also  enjoy these not only during the festive season but as eveningwear during the rest of the year.

Work Christmas parties ….this is always a huge headache for a number of people. You want to look good and stylish yet not want to walk in with short skirts or backless tops, you need to have the right outfit and not look boring. The best thing to do is to keep it simple yet with a little more chic ‘oomph’ than usual. Sleek black pants, glittery blouse together with the right accessories. Go for A line skirts or a midi dresses and dress it up with glittery block heel shoes.

Cocktail parties

These are the fun outfit parties, where you can up the glitter and sparkle to the normal week end look. Enjoy experimenting with such outfits and feel glamourous.  This does not mean that you are restricted to wearing dresses full of sequins – you can play around with your outfits and look fabulous. Include gold and silver which are considered to be neutral colours with your outfits, You can wear you black trousers and top and wrap a large gold scarf around your waist. If you are comfortable with shine and sparkles go for it , however go plain with the bag and shoes otherwise you will look overdone.

Balls and Gala nights

Red carpet look for the night and go for fully blown diva look with long dresses. The style will depend very much on your shape. A line dresses or fish tail styles – you have to try these on to see what best suits your figure. I have also seen ladies wearing tuxedos paired up with a cool pair of high heeled stilettoes and oh did they make an entrance…


Depending on the style of the outfit you then accessorize accordingly, If your outfit is full of sparkle then go for plain accessories. If on the other hand your outfit is simple you can afford to dazzle up with accessories including some fun hair clips and bands which are available. Beaded hairbands are very much in fashion and they do give that extra sparkle to your outfit. Faux fur is also very much in, add a stole or cape with a fur collar and you have elegance par excellence! You can add some shine to your make up and experiment with some bold lip colours.

Finally, as I always say the best way to look good is feeling comfortable and confident in what you are wearing …wear the smile, chin up and here’s wishing you a fantastic festive season.

Lots of love



Alegria Flamenco Malta presents…. Promesas 💃

Hello everyone!

I did not post much these past couple of weeks as I was travelling on work and also fitting in rehearsals to a performance I will be participating in… Promesas a flamenco show.

This is a fashion blog, however flamenco is another passion of mine and I would like to invite all the readers of this blog to this flamenco production. The Director of the school Ingrid Sciberras, together with the choreographers, put their heart and soul to put up this production. All the students and company members work hard and dance with love and passion as we all respect this art form.

Flamenco is about the song, dance and rhythm, and it gives us dancers the opportunity to express our feelings and share them on stage with the audience. The show will also have live music and singing.

The story is based on a short story written in 1932 by Maltese author S. W. Agius entitled ‘Sivigliana’. It is a story of betrayal and love and most of all the passion for flamenco!

As I said this is indeed a fashion blog, and the show is also a feast for your eyes…. the costumes are beautiful…. colours, frills, flowers, fans and the beautiful Spanish shawls. Come and see for yourselves😊

My flamenco family 😊

There will be a total of three performances, two of which will be held at Salesian Theatre, Sliema on Saturday 23 November at 8pm and Sunday 24 November at 7.30 pm. There will be a third performance in Gozo on Saturday 7 December at 8pm at the Don Bosco Oratory Theatre, Rabat, Gozo. Both venues are provided with ample parking spaces.

For tickets email or call 9949 5187.

Hope to see you!

Lots of love and as we say in flamenco…. ole!



What lies beneath…😉

Good morning ladies!

Today’s blog post will address a matter which I feel is essential to look good in any outfit….. wearing the right underwear! Ladies, a few pointers of what I believe is essential:

  • It is not for the world to see – they are called undergarments for a reason
  • Ensure you know your size
  • choose the right underwear for your body shape


Clearly, cotton is the best fabric from a health perspective. It is breathable fabric and causes less allergies. It does not mean that we cannot wear silk, lace or satin underwear. Ensure you alternate between the various materials and wearing cotton more frequently. Today the variety in the market is vast.

Keep in mind that some fabrics will show and if you wear lacey underwear beneath a cotton t-shirt or linen trousers. Be mindful of this when choosing what outfit you are wearing.

Getting the size right

This is key! If it is a size too big, it ends up sagging or rolling. On the other hand wearing underwear in a smaller size looks absolutely horrendous with bulges under your clothes…. and we don’t want that! 😊

Measure yourself and go for your actual size, it needs to feel like you are not wearing anything. This applies also for your bra size. Today most lingerie shops offer to measure you and help you finding the right size. You will look good in your right size and also, having the wrong size can cause harm.

Too tight 🙊


We all have different body shapes and alas, we are not all Victoria Secret models..;-) But that’s ok….. today we are blessed with shops, both physical stores and online shops which offer a wide selection.

You know your bodies, so choose the underwear keeping this in mind. I personally never manage to get rid of the love handles at the side of my waistline…. so French cut underwear will amplify these so I avoid it. If you have a tummy and want to conceal it 😉 go for wide waist underwear and not low waisted. If you are curvier at the hips, avoid thin waist bands.

Personally I believe the best underwear is the seamless one. It does not show beneath the clothes which is exactly the point 🙂 if you think having lacey underwear showing beneath your outfit is sexy…. think again…. it’s tacky!


Make sure you have nude colour underwear in your wardrobes… it is a must! It is the safest colour as it won’t show under most outfits…. especially under white garments. There is the misconception that you wear a white bra and pants beneath white clothes…. they actually show…. go for nudes!

Having said all this…. we can have some fun playing around with colours too:) obviously be careful what to wear coloured underwear with…. remember it should not show 🙂 Most women get a feel good factor by wearing matching lingerie and experimenting with styles and colours … and why not?! Just be mindful of all the tips above 😊

There are a number of shops locally to purchase your underwear, and a lot also online…. Victoria secrets deliver to Malta…( and they do have sizes other than a size zero;) Bravissimo online is great for women with heavier busts…. a great selection to choose from. Next online also have underwear and provide a selection by size and shape, so it is actually of great help!

Have a good week ahead!

Take care