Outfits by mood…?😊

Hello ladies!

I find that as much as I like preparing the outfit I will be wearing the following day, the ootd depends a lot on my mood. So as much as I like being organized and planning my outfits…. my mood may affect the outfit I decide to wear.

Adding some positive vibe

Some people tell me that if they are feeling a little upset or demotivated they tend to just grab what’s comfy and an easy to wear outfit and go with it. I actually do the opposite…. I put effort and time to plan my outfit when I feel a little negative or demotivated and go with an ensemble in which I will feel confident and gives me the positivity I need. It works with me…;) You may be asking, what kind of outfit gives me that vibe…? It could range from a tailored dress to a pair of trousers paired with a blazer, but the outfit will always include heels (of course!) and a smart bag 😁 I take the time to apply my make-up and ensure my hair looks tidy and neat. Then chin up and breathe in and I face the day ahead with a more positive vibe. Of course, to each his own… see what works for you. Sometimes you feel you want to add colour or do the actual opposite and wear your lbd… I believe the trick is to take the time and think, find out how the outfit you will wear can help you in changing your mood 🙂

Fun Outfits

There are times when my mood is a fun one and I decide to go for a more colourful outfit, especially when going out for the night. As much as I love classic jewellery I did buy some fun costume jewellery, like my desigual banana ear rings and a mouse brooch which I sometimes add to a serious outfit. Apart from adding colour and wearing quirky or fun jewellery, I sometimes also experiment with the hairstyle – half hanging style with a bun at the top or adding thin braids.

My banana ear rings 😁
Hanging mouse brooch

Rock chick

If I wake up to the sound of Metallica, then off I go with a mood for blacks, purples, ripped jeans and leather pants or jackets…;) I actually never go fully blown rock mode in my attire, however I do love mixing elements which are typically associated with rock and metal to my outfits… when I am in that mood. Ripped jeans paired up with a body suit, open booties and a leather jacket. Add some dark aubergine coloured lipstick and rock on for the day!

Romantic feel

I am told I am not a very romantic person….. boooo:/ In all honesty I don’t like being very soppy and having grand displays of affection in public….however I do have my own ways of being romantic… this sometimes is also reflected in my ootd 🙂 So what would qualify as a romantic outfit…? To me it’s florals, maxi dresses, ruffles, flowy dresses….. add beaded hairbands and flowers to your hair or pull your hair to the side in a long thick braid or let your curly hair down… and voila, c’est romantique 😍

These are just a few moods I find myself in and how I adjust my outfits depending on how I feel. So next time you meet me try guessing what mood I woke up in ..:-p Let me know how you decide what outfit you will be wearing for the day…. is it dependent on your mood or do you just plan in advance…?

Have a lovely day and a good week ahead!

Take care



Office wear for the ladies and gents


I had a few requests to write about what to wear to the office… and I have been mulling over this blog post for quite a while. This is a tricky one 😉 Nowadays officewear is not necessarily formal as it used to be in the past so it can get a little bit complicated, however I believe there are certain principles which always apply. Read on and let me know whether you agree 🙂 By the way this post is for females and males …😊

First things first, read your office dress code. All offices typically have one, so read through it and follow the rules, that is a must. Some places require a more formal dress code whilst others, such as gaming companies allow for a more relaxed attire. Understand what image the company you work for wants to portray and go with it.

Let’s start off with some basic principles…. irrespective of whether the dress code is formal or not, in my view the following are no nos :


    Low cut blouses
  • Transparent tops with underwear showing
  • Mini skirts
  • Midriff tops


  • Low cut loose trousers with underwear showing (rapper style;)
  • White socks with black shoes…🤦‍♀️
  • Socks and sandals
  • Tank tops

Formal office dress code

If the company/firm you work for goes for a more formal attire, here are a few tips to make your outfits more exciting and cool. I ll start off with the ladies 🙂

You do not have to wear suits… stiff suits are actually not that in anymore unless you go for a male type suit with either a waist coat or a tie and brogues with hair neatly pulled back and you have a cool and polished look!

Invest in basics, such as black and cream trousers, with which you can match different coloured shirts or blouses. Another must is having a couple of blazers, there are soooo many different styles. Go for a a navy or white for the summer and black and camel for the winter months. You can mix and match with shift dresses, skirts and pants… easy does it 😉

Make sure you own a pair of nude pumps, with heels or flats that’s up to you… but they always come in handy. If you want to jazz up your outfit buy a pair of bright coloured shoes and pair up with a back dress… cool!

Bag and shoes need not match…. I promise you this is passé. They need to blend together but not be “the set” piece 🙂 black shoes paired with a burgundy handbag which has black handles… and voila different, stylish and smart.

I love adding scarves or brooches to my outfits. You can wear these in so many different ways, but I will dedicate a separate blog post to that and how you can add some fun to your outfits.

Non-formal dress code

If you can go to work in jeans and t-shirts, go for it. Personally I prefer a t shirt neatly tucked in the jeans or a polo shirt paired to a denim skirt and smart trainers to go with them.

T-shirt dresses are also a good investment for the summer months, paired up with flat sandals and a big tote bag. You can find these dresses in different colours and if you have a pair of silver flat sandals, these are considered to be a neutral colour so go for it!


Formal wear

So they say men have it easy, no? Just wear a suit. Yes, however there are different accessories and ways of pairing suits so read on…:)

The man who brought THE SUIT back in fashion 😉

Find out whether you need to wear a tie at your place of work. If not, today you can wear the pocket square handkerchief… very in. If you must wear a tie, today there are so many different styles and colours that you can make these fun!

Waistcoats look cool and smart, however these do not suit everyone. Do get an honest opinion, from someone you trust. Also, you do not need a three piece suit, the waistcoat does not need to match your jacket and trousers, it can be of a different colour, clearly it needs to blend in however!

Shoes and belts need to match in formal attire, that is a rule I won’t budge on 😉 Personally I like brown shoes with blue suits, which is the more Italian style. Black is acceptable but not my favourite 😉

You want to go real smart, wear cuff links with your shirt… there are formal ones or some fun ones. Go by your mood and jazz up your suit 😉

During the summer months opt for light coloured suits, they still look very smart and provide you with a change to your everyday blues and greys which are very popular with suits.

Non-formal attire

Invest in casual pants in navy, cream and grey and mix and match with different t-shirts, polo shirts or shirts. Loose trousers are no longer in, so go for the straight leg type or if you are a little bit more adventurous you can opt for skinny trousers (again these don’t suit everyone…)

If wearing the polo shirt or t-shirt from the inside you can wear a thin belt and in this case if you are pairing it up with casual shoes such as deck shoes, moccasins or trainers – the belt and shoes need not be the same colour but clearly need to match 😉

In the winter months you can wear jeans and sweaters, together with Chelsea boots or trainers. If you are daring, go for some different colours for the sweaters, maybe a couple of bright ones to brighten up the damp and grey season…!

I hope you enjoyed this post, just a few ideas to make your office wear a little more exciting 🙂

Let me know what you think…!

Take care



Summer Sales….

Hello ladies!

Are you up for a bargain…? Summer sales are in full swing… so what should we look out for? When I go shopping I enjoy walking into shops that are organized and mix clothes and shoes to showcase different outfits. During the sales everything is stacked by size or item clothing…. so it does get abit confusing. I do struggle abit to find items I like in that set up, however here are a few tips of how I go about it.

Prior to the sale season I go round the shops and my hands do get stuck to some items I like…😬 Then there are those items that yes I like but can wait. I keep tab of which shops I saw these in and revisit the outlets during the sale season and check whether that item in my size is still available – if it is the case, then it was meant to be and I buy it 😁 I was lucky to walk into one of my favourite boutiques and found a wrap-over skirt which I had spotted pre-sale…. last size available was in my size, I really could not leave it hanging at the shop could I?!😉

Check out your wardrobes and see what you could add to mix and match to what you already have. I typically look out for t-shirts and tops to match my palazzo pants or skirts. If something else catches my eye… I do ask myself do I realllly need this? If not then the next question is…. how much do I like it and is it a classic I can also wear next year?

Check out also costume jewellery from shops – I got some really cool pieces (thanks to a recommendation from a friend of mine) from Max Mara w -end. For someone like me who enjoys adding to my collection, these little treats make me smile 🙂

If you do online shopping, do go on your favourite web sites for online clothing and you will find bargains there too. I got myself some swimwear at reduced prices from this year’s collection… and receiving the parcel adds to the excitement of the day 🙂

Happy sales ladies… let me know what bargains you made this season!

Happy holidays



A mix of vintage/retro style and modern… make it work ;)

Good evening!

The ladies who can pull off vintage or retro, look cool… but if you get vintage wrong… it may look odd or silly. If you are not one to typically go for vintage clothing (I personally don’t go for it), try an item or two and mix it with modern pieces and the result can be original, different and stylish!

So… how to go about this? Start off by understating the eras you personally like and go on Pinterest and search such styles…. the amount of outfits you will find are infinite! Personally I like the 1920s, 40s and 60s. But of course to each her own 🙂 Clearly you can choose any period you want and play with it… it’s so much fun ladies 😉

What I like doing is taking a style of that time and adapting it to today’s world. I love the 3/4 pencil skirts which were in during the 1940’s …. mix that with a shirt, wide belt and and hat…. and you have a vintage/modern outfit…. different, relevant today and stylish!

If you are into 1800s or real vintage periods, then try out shirts with collars of that era and dress it down with modern pants and stilettos. You can also just add some vintage jewellery to your outfit and it will definitely make an impact. I love wearing brooches on a shirt collar, it looks elegant and gives it a unique style… try it out!

Last Winter I bought vintage style shoes, and wore these with a long evening modern maxi dress and it worked. Check out what you’re comfortable in and see how best to add that edge to your outfit to make it look different yet relevant today:)

Remember you are your own style and you will only look good if you’re comfortable in an outfit….. this does not mean you should not experiment…. however always do it in moderation and ask for an opinion if unsure. Feel free to send me pics… I love it when you send me pics and tell me how you are experimenting with styles and creating new outfits 🙂

Let me know how it goes…. 😊

Ladies, have a lovely evening and dress to impress…. no one else but yourselves!

Have a good one



Summer nights and Maxi dresses

Hello ladies 🙂

And here we are enjoying the Summer months. I don’t know about you, however it is the season in which social activities are almost on a daily basis, the only issue being…. what to wear!

I love Summer wear especially outfits for our Maltese summer nights. Clearly it depends on type of event you have, but summer does lend it myself to maxi dresses and palazzo pants paired up to coloured chunky jewellery…. and I can never have enough of these 😊

Maxi Dresses

I love wearing maxi dresses for summer, there are so many variants and they are so comfortable, that to me this is the “winner” outfit for the summer. I have a variety – pleated, floral, off the shoulder, button up…. and the list goes on!

The question is … do they suit everyone..? And I will tell you…. a big YES…. you just have to choose the right one for your figure… so read below and find out 😉


If your body shape is curvy, do not go for a maxi dress which clings, however neither one which is too loose – find something in between, a dress which skims your body. Bold prints will look flattering, floral is very in this year… so go for big flowers and colours for your maxi dresses. If you are curvy and petite, add a belt to your waistline or go for A Shaped maixs.


You can opt for loose maxi dresses – pleats are in vogue and a maxi dress with pleats looks very elegant. Slender figures can also opt for strapless maxis and if your bust is small choose one with ruffles 😉

Which events are they suitable for…?

Maxi dresses are so versatile, you can dress them up or down for different occasions. It also depends on the accessories you add, and the type of shoes you wear with the dress. Stiletto heels will give the dress and elegant look, wedges are more casual yet give you the height for a casual smarty look. Flat sandals with maxi dresses look great… go for gold or silver flats, or beaded and colourful – have some fun with the outfit:)

One of my favourite buys this Summer was a maxi dress with a twist, it is off the shoulder, short from the front and long at the back. I wore wedges and pulled my hair up, to give it an edgy look.

Below are two friends of mine who wore different maxi dresses to summer weddings. Don’t they look absolutely lovely!

Ingrid in a Monsoon floral dress. Love the fan accessory 🙂
Maronna in local designer Carla Grima dress

Different, unique and beautiful

Hello ladies!

How are you spending your summer months..? As always, I jam pack my weeks and even although sometimes I might complain on how tired I would be feeling…. I wouldn’t want it any other way 😉

I was not sure what to write about this week… last week I gave the blog a miss as I spent the w-end in London for the P!nk concert 😬😬😬 she is a great performer and artist and I must say it was a fun concert! Also, her outfits were absolutely stunning!

This w-end I finished a book by Elena Ferrante, this is my fifth book of hers that I read, and on realising the book was about to end…. I ordered her other three books which I haven’t yet read 🙂 I love reading, and summer wends lend themselves to this:)

Probably you are now saying to yourselves, but what is she on about…. pink concert, reading Elena Ferrante… isn’t this a fashion blog..?!

Pink and Elena Ferrante have absolutely nothing in common, however Pink is all about empowering women and seeking equality between genders. During the concert a video clip around this is shown to the 70,000 people in the audience.

On the other hand Elena Ferrante speaks about feminism as a movement and gender equality, and she takes it to a level where it is not about the obvious, it is not solely about women’s rights… it goes beyond that.

Have I gone toooo deep… well, these two very different experiences made me want to write about women and appearance and the expectations, especially our own expectations. We sometimes find it hard to accept ourselves as we are, we don’t recognize our strengths and beauty and focus a lot on our weaknesses. Dress up to focus on your strengths, stop apologising to yourselves about your imperfections. Skinny girls, big girls, tall, short, blonde, brunette….. each and every one of us has her strengths and it is not just about the appearance…. so as I always say, chin up, shoulders back, walk with confidence …. you go girl!

We are all different, but this makes us unique and beautiful.



Glowing in the Summer sun 🌞


Summer is here and the sun is shining…. and now I am in full swing summer mode! Last Thursday I was invited to the Summer event at Franks. The event was held at one of their shops – The Plaza, Sliema. Franks is no new name in the perfumery space here in Malta. It is a family run business which continuously reinvents itself. I attended the event with a friend of mine, Maronna and we had a great time exploring what is new in the market for the summer.

The owners and staff of Franks greeted us and we were treated to canapés and drinks at the wine bar and gin bar with a great selection of gin. The summer make – up collections were showcased together with sun protection products.

Two make-up demonstrations were organised, one using Dior products (unfortunately I cannot recall the name of the make up artist who led it), and another one using Guerlain products led by Chris Attard. They provided us with some great tips on how to apply the skincare and what make up looks we can create for summer. I particularly liked the Dior eyeshadow palette with a mix of nude, gold and bronze colours. I also love the Dior mascara, which I tried and tested – the iconic overcurl. Interesting were the contouring products of Guerlain, and Chris showed us how these need to be applied in order to enhance our features and create a Summer glow. The terracotta collection is always one of my favourites when it comes to Guerlain.

A third demonstration was presented by Claire Falzon, on products related to sun protection. I found this very interesting and useful for this time of the year. Claire explained what needs to be done in order to protect our skin and yet still be able to obtain a tan. She also introduced me to some new products in the market, and I obviously purchased one 😬…. and I love it! Shiseido launched a summer collection of sun products, some specifically for sports or outdoor activities. These range from a protective mist, to sports bb in compact form. This last product is the one I bought, and it is fantastic! It gives a light coverage, not too heavy for a day ay the beach, it is waterproof and gives that added glow. I must also add that the packaging is perfect as the product is easy to carry around and has a sponge within its plastic case. It is also reasonably priced. I spend wends at sea, and I still want to feel and look good so this product now made it inside my beach bag;-)

The selection and variety of make-up and skincare products available is large and we really have no excuse in protecting our skin. Make sure you apply the right skincare and should you wish to add some make up…. there is the right product for every occasion 🙂

Enjoy your summer ladies!



Pictures from Franks page

Malta Fashion Week 2019….summing it all up!

Hello 🙂

Malta Fashion week is now officially over including the Fashion Awards. I had a look at the past week in its entirety and below are some of my thoughts on this fashion event in Malta.

Let me start off by saying that it is a very well organised event, to a T. We are lucky to have such an event, as we get to see not only the latest trends in fashion, but also the local talent which is showcased in this event.

The Atmosphere

We are in the fashion space, so hey there are no rules to what one gets to wear. There were people dressed in elegant evening wear and others in sporty casual outfits…. some others in latex and fish net tights. There were some individuals who dressed up in original and cool outfits, in the case of a few, I wondered whether it was just a matter of capturing people’s attention.

There were people waiting for the next designer presenting their collection, others busy taking selfies whilst the official photographers were capturing these moments 🙂

The Fashion Shows

These are the highlights of fashion week… and to each and every designer one cannot but appreciate the hard work that goes behind each collection. Obviously I have my favourites, this does not mean that all the others were not good, however if I had to choose my preferred ones (excluding day 6&7 as I could not attend), here they are…

Jason Grech – elegance, edgy, sexy

Nilara – African prints, ethnic, extravagant

Ritienne Zammit – artistic, cool, original

In addition to these three collections, I loved Yana’s new collection of jewellery where we saw bold colours, feathers and intricately wrapped beading.

My outfits

The moment I received the media pass in my capacity as a blogger for fashion week…. my mind started thinking on what to wear and how did I want to present myself at fashion week…🤔

I decided to buy a couple of outfits but also re-invent a few I was already in possession of, also to prove that we can use what we have an create new outfits 🙂

I experimented with different looks, from an elegant jumpsuit paired up with a leather jacket, followed by a casual look in jeans and a striking red wet look coat. Third day saw me in a dark look including a black wig and no sight of colour. I think one of the favourite looks was the one with the tutu, nothing new was bought for that outfit but it was the first time I wore them all together and they worked 🙂 I could not exclude my love of flamenco in fashion week, and where many influencers and bloggers wore crowns and bands, I opted for the flamenco version the peineta with flowers at the side – I paired these accessories with a long black pleated skirt and a redish/coral off the shoulder top with frills… to keep within the theme! On the final day of fashion week I went for a dress I love, a chiffon maxi dress with lovely summer colours…. simple, elegant and very me 🙂

What I would have liked to see

In today’s world where we are constantly talking about diversity and accepting each and every individual for who she or he is…. I did not see body diversity being represented on the runway. Amongst the models, there was not one single curvy or plus size model, which I thought was disappointing. The New York fashion week fall 2019 saw 94 appearances of curvy models… a step in the right direction. It appears that all over Europe there isn’t the appetite to do so.Malta … why can’t we be the first ones to take the plunge and introduce some of the beautiful curvy, plus size models around! I believe fashion is for everyone, so let us make it for everyone!

Thank you!

A big big thank you to a lot of people who supported me throughout last week. Friends helping me with adjusting pics, others meeting me to take the pics, others helping me find the right accessories and mainly giving me the support and encouragement to do what I am doing…. a heartfelt thank you to all…. xxx

Thank you to all those who followed fashion week through my blog …. now on to new blogs:)




#MFWA19….. final night


Fashion week has come to an end…. what a week! Today saw the designs and collection, VIVA, of Ritienne Zammit. An original collection inspired by the Maltese festa and the saints and martyrs celebrated in the said feasts, presented in an artistic manner. The outfits included Christian iconography prints on the material, however the outfits were edgy and modern. She blended in the local culture into her pieces and presented them in a catwalk which visually portrayed the festa. The backdrop screen was that of a church, so it gave the impression the models were walking out of the church, the catwalk had the shredded paper typically thrown at the feasts, and the models represented saints and martyrs and in one case Jesus Christ, where the model portrayed wounds to the palm of his hands.

Have a look at the pictures…. this was a great ending to the Malta fashion week!

This Friday, the fashion awards will be presented. In the meantime I am preparing my blog to give you my views on my first experience at fashion week as a blogger. I will also give you my views on the MFWA19 in general… so keep on following this space 🙂

Have a good one!



MFWA19 #day 5


A day late… oops but here goes 🙂

Day 5 saw new designers, mainly students from Mcast, followed by Metamorphosis and finally the Nilara fashion show. I must say Nilara was a true spectacle, the outfits were outstanding and the way these were presented including the music selected, hairstyles and make up… I was in awe!

New Designers

There were a total of 10 new designers who portrayed their talent. These are students who are still exploring the world of fashion and design; kudos to MFWA for giving them the opportunity to showcase their work, and provide them with a stage to strengthen their confidence to improve on their skills.

Photo Steven Muliett

Sanjay Design – Metamorphosis

The collection is based on the designer’s home town Ptuj. It takes us back in time and when you look at the fabric and the materials used, these are natural. The idea behind the outfits is that these can be worn in different ways, and by different women. This was a different collection all together from what we normally see, yet interesting and different.

Photo Kurt Paris

Nilara – Alkebulan Garden of Eden

The fashion show opened with the song This is the greatest show and indeed it was! The first model walking out with the outfit was striking. She stood in the catwalk for a while before walking to the front for the audience to admire the outfit and attire… wow!

Photo Justin Ciappara

The outfits were a mix of African prints and bold colours, I practically loved each and every one of them… the mix of patterns and bright colours presented something fresh, different and appealing! Have a look…

Photo Kurt Paris

I will not be attending day 6 and 7, however I will still be posting pics of the fashion shows…. so keep following the blog!

Wishing you a good day tomorrow