Some of my favorite skin care products

Hello ladies 🙂

Does it only happen to me, that most of my skincare finishes at the same time…?! I love my skincare routine and enjoy shopping for my skincare but when they finish at the same time, ahhh the expense hurts hehe 🙂

First things first, I never ever miss my morning and evening skincare routines. It is a ritual, it doesn’t take long and I just love the feeling of a clean and soft face. Do try and dedicate a few minutes every day to look after your skin. You will find products for different budgets. Here are some of my favourite products…

I am a huge fan of Guerlain for skincare…which is not the cheapest brand out there, however the products last me for months. In the past couple of years I also discovered the Skin Clinic range, which from a budget perspective is less expensive than Guerlain and have some very good products. I like having different brands but to be honest I don’t venture much with variety…if they work, stick to them is my thinking…


I tried different products, ranging from milky ones, creamy etc. The following two are my favourite, the Make up Factory foam to foam make-up remover. It is a wash, and it removes all traces of make up, and leaves you with a feeling of a tight, clean face…similar to when you wash your face with soap and water. Given it is a wash and removes make-up…it is fantastic as in a couple of minutes all make up is off your face 🙂

Then… there is the amazing Guerlain cleansing oil from the Albeille Royale range. You literally pump a couple of drops of this oil, mix with water which turns into a milk…wash your face and voila. It removes make-up and your skin feels extremely soft…

These two products are very different, if you prefer the soap and water sensation, go for the Make Up Factory one, whereas the Guerlain oil is almost moisturizing as you cleanse. I think the former is better at removing all traces of make up.


I have two serums in my list 🙂 The Guerlain Albeille Royale daily repair serum. I had also tried the double R (renew and repair) of this range…but currently sticking to the daily repair serum for the morning. In the evening I use the Skin Clinic Ferulast serum….which is fantastic.


This is one of the areas I struggle with…I am currently, on the Albeille Royale range for eye cream. I purchased some eye masks from Kiko, which I think helped with the puffiness around the eye area. I am still on the look out for an eye product which works better for me…so if you have an amazing find…do share 🙂


I am currently using the Guerlain Albeille Royale moisturizer for the morning, and purchased Ovalift from the Skin Clinic for the night, but only got this yesterday….so I cannot tell you much about it…yet 🙂

I spent a number of years using the Super Acqua range from Guerlain, which I used to find great and also used the Active Plus night cream from Skin Clinic…but was recommended the Ovalift so trying it out ☺️

Other products

I have some pigmentation on one side of the face…and found the Skin Clinic Melanyc daily good. I use it every day…and it took months for the pigmentation to lighten up, but it did! It is extremely important that we also use sunblock for the face especially in Malta as the sun is very strong and damaging to the skin. Put the sun block at the end of your skin care routine.

Another product, which I like using is the Payot cleanser micellar with raspberry extracts which I use as a toner…and it smells divine 😉

Last Saturday when shopping for my skin care, I was recommended the Elizabeth Arden retinol capsules. Retinol stimulates collagen production and accelerates skin turnover. So far I tried one capsule, and the texture is ammmazzzing, but will tell you of the effectiveness in a month or so 🙂 I was also given some other capsules from this range to try out….I will let you know 🙂

So those were some products I love using. As I said there is a lot to choose from, other brands and ranges, cheaper and more expensive (you can find some with gold leaf extracts …😮) My dear grandma who is no longer with us used to tell me…always use moisturizer, even if it not an expensive brand…look after your skin.

Here is wishing you all a great week ahead.

Take care and much love



Dress up or dress it down…

Hello ladies,

Hope you are all well. I find myself looking at my wardrobe and staring at dresses and outfits which I consider as smart or elegant and nowhere to wear these right now, unless we venture out to an elegant restaurant…so shall I leave these outfits hanging …nahhhhh…here are a few tips of how you can wear the same item of clothing and dress it up or down. I hope you enjoy reading this, as much as I enjoyed writing and planning this blog post 🙂 Most of the pics were taken at the Barakka gardens in our gorgeous city 🙂

The Jumper

This white jumper is one of my favourite pieces of the season. I first paired up this white jumper with an elegant back skirt and silver heels…I had already posted this outfit during the Xmas season. Off go the heels and on go the booties and the outfit now has a more casual feel to it. You can opt to wear trainers for an even more casual look 😉 Finally I paired the jumper with white jeans and lumberjack boots…and voila…casual outfit wearing the same top 🙂

The Knit dress

Same dress worn in two different ways just by changing the accessories and shoes…smart to casual in seconds 🙂 Shoes and accessories can vary the style of your outfit. Adding faux fur obviously gives the outfit a more sophisticated, chic look….whereas the trainers and the long necklace in the second pic give it a relaxed feel.

The Cardi

The cardigan…loving cardis right now, they are so versatile. I am just giving two examples here wearing the same cardi, one is a smart look, and the other is a casual look with jeans…BUT you can wear cardigans in so many different ways and creating so many different outfits…I think the cardi deserves a solo blogpost 😉

The jumpsuit

I created three different looks wearing the same black jumpsuit. I can wear it to the office by adding a black blazer, pearls, nude pumps and a classic handbag. If I am going out for a stroll or a casual lunch, I pair it up with trainers and a rust leather jacket together with a cross body bag. Meeting the girls for the night…same jumpsuit but adding big gold earrings, red bag and red lippy and of course…gold sandals…and a change from morning to night pronto 😉

These were just a few ideas…look at what you have inside your wardrobe and think of ways to create variations with the same item of clothing. Please let me know if you need help with any, you can post on the comments below or send me a message and I will gladly give you a few tips…:)

Wishing you all a great week ahead

Take care



A fun Saturday creating outfits

Good morning ladies 🙂

Last week, I spent a Saturday afternoon at one of my favourite local boutiques, Verve. Isabelle from Verve created some outfits for me to try on and show you 🙂 I was in my element, trying on elegant dresses, to casual outfits to items you can mix and match in soooo many different ways!

Have a look at some of the items I tried on …obviously I could not leave empty handed…guess which outfit I took home with me:-p

The electric blue dress…very Kate Middleton style. High collar which buttons up and belt at the waistline (makes it very flattering to the figure) and a flowy lower part of the dress. One can wear this for lunches with nude shoes and turn it into an evening dress paired up with platinum high heels…a classic to have in one’s wardrobe!

This dress is the same style as the blue one, but with a completely different print! It is perhaps more adventurous in terms of the print. We paired it up with this gorgeous coat…which you can wear with many outfits and colours and surely you’ll turn heads.

This is a more casual look. I looooved the shirt…so different, edgy and cool. You can wear it with skirt as in the pic, but also with jeans, joggers, leggings, leather pants…and that print…so eye catching!

This is what I refer to as an ohh la la outfit hehe. I felt like a million dollars in this dress….elegant, sexy, sophisticated. The hair band added a touch of sparkle and the faux fur jacket a splash of luxury… Again, this is a classic which won’t go out of fashion 🙂

This is a casual/smart outfit with a touch of bright pink…the polo neck and the detail on the jacket…match perfectly! The jacket can be worn with office work outfits, to casual ones…and again something out of the ordinary 🙂

This outfit which Isabelle created turned out to be soooo chic, edgy, comfortable and ideal for any small gatherings you may have at home with your family during this time of year. The dress on its own is very elegant, however we dressed it down by including a white shirt underneath and replaced heels with cool booties… love it! Also, have a look any the detail of the lace…

The picture doesn’t do the outfit justice…this trouser suit has a golden shimmer to it, so adds that sparkle for the festive season which we all need. I wore a body suit with a touch of lace beneath, which again you can wear with so many other items…pencil skirts, pleated skirts, trousers, jeans…you name it;)

Those were the outfits I tried on and I loved every second of it! These are just a few ideas of how one can mix and match certain items and also accessories to create an outfit. Isabelle at Verve will help you with finding the right outfit for you….and be open to ideas…;)

Here’s wishing you all a lovely Sunday and great week ahead



And she’s back…☺️

Hello everyone!

It has been a while since I last posted a blog post. Sometimes we get carried away with our daily tasks and overlook the little things we enjoy, in my case blogging about fashion…and other things too.

COVID has changed what in the past was second nature to us, mainly the social aspect. When I stop and think at how surreal it is that meeting my mother means I have to wear a mask and stand metres away from her, that going to the office and meeting colleagues is only when necessary and a hand shake is out of the window.

Dressing up is part of this social element…going to the office or out meeting friends – we dress up even if casual, thought goes into it. When spending a lot of time at home, that enthusiasm to dress up fizzles out BUT don’t want to spend days in joggers and hoodies!

Given restaurants are still open in Malta, we do go out for lunch or dinner on occasions and meet some of our friends “our bubble” 🙂 on such occasions I take time to pick my outfit and enjoy planning what I will wear, however more than the outfit I appreciate the time with family and friends in person as opposed to video calls… and can’t wait for the day when a hug is just fine once again!

A couple of weeks ago, five of us met up for a drink (or two;) and a take out and then spent the evening singing along to songs from different times and of different genres…so simple yet music is a powerful means of bringing people together and expressing emotions through music.

This was not much of a fashion related blog, however it was needed from my end 😉 I promise you more fashion related blog posts will be up!

Let me know of any particular topics you want to read about…maybe tracksuits and pjs…😜

Here is wishing you all a lovely Sunday and week ahead.

Put on your favourite music and sing along and dance, and everything will feel a little bit better 🙂

Take care



Online shopping vs in store shopping

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all keeping well 🙂

I put up a few pics in past weeks, but haven’t written a blog post in a while. To be honest it was a mix of me being busy but also apathy from my side for different reasons…but the passion in what I love doing is always deep within…so here goes…☺️

A couple of weeks ago, I was chatting with a friend about online shopping, given we were both locked inside and up until recently shops were closed in Malta (clearly I am referring to clothes, shoe, make-up stores etc and not grocery shops 😂). My friend lives in a foreign country, and she also had to resort to online purchases.

I believe both have advantages, and I will list down the benefits and also pointers to keep in mind, especially when it comes to online shopping.

Online Shopping

The sky is your limit with online shopping. Many of the retail outlets and make-up stores have their items on sale online. Throughout the COVID-19 many outlets actually vamped up their websites and online service to meet the customers’ demands.

Having said that…I still end up shopping online from the shops I normally visit, and you ask…WHY…? Well, I know the style, my size and quality of the products. If trying out new outlets to shop online (even if not really ;), ensure they have a return policy…read it carefully and ensure you can either change or return the items and get your money back.

I find that with online shopping, I am more aware and so more careful on how much I spend, as I get to see the total before I actually purchase the items, whereas if I am in a shop and just grab the items I like, I normally end up looking in disbelief at cash point…🙄

With online, you have the ability to choose the exact item you want; if it is clothes, you can choose whether you want to view trousers, t-shirts, filter by colour or size. If it’s make-up, the brand, product etc. Another advantage to online shopping is that many allow customers to read product reviews from people who purchased the item in the past.

If you have a very busy lifestyle and you don’t enjoy the experience of going into shops to buy your clothes, shoes etc…then online is your obvious choice. I find people with kids find online shopping for the children very useful. They can buy in bulk for the following season.

In store shopping

I do shop online, however to me the experience of going into my favourite boutiques and make-up store is no comparison! But this is me:) With the relaxation of the Covid measures, I put on my mask (fashionista mask made by mummy…just saying 😉), and went to my two favourite boutiques and make-up store. I felt like a little child walking into a candy shop 🙂

Online shopping may provide choices, in store gives you clarity. You can feel the texture of the fabric, see the exact colour (sometimes when you purchase something online, the colour may go really wrong!) you can try out the item and see how it actually fits and whether it gives you a feel good factor.

If you are anything like me, the best part of in store shopping is that there is no waiting time…even although there is an element of excitement when you are eagerly waiting for a purchase to arrive 🙂 If I am having a bad day which can be brightened by some retail therapy…in store is instant and that thrill of a shopping bag around my fingers…bliss (especially if it contains shoesss :-p

Another advantage to in store shopping, is that you can go with a friend and actually make an outing of it. A friend and I used to plan a shopping day, which included breakfast, round the shops, go to the car and place our bags in the luggage boot, continue shopping, stop for a coffee, back to the car to place more bags and off to dinner… ☺️

So those were a few tips and also my feelings around online and in store shopping. I do a bit (or a lot 🤦‍♀️) of both, but hands down…I prefer in store anytime, especially when going to my favourite boutiques and stores who know me well, and I get treated like a queen 😉

Let me know your preferences 🙂

Have a lovely weekend!

Much love



Perfume Profiling session

Hello ladies,

During this time when we are not going to our favourite boutiques and perfumeries, we browse online to check out what new collections are out there…but it’s not quite the same as going to the shop seeing for yourself what there is and taking advice from the professionals about their new collections.

One of the leading perfumeries in Malta, Franks, was advertising a personal perfume profiling online session with Claire Falzon, who has been with the said perfumery for a number of years and is an expert in her field. I decided to go for it and booked the 30 minute session with Claire. I was not too sure what to expect and what it was all about.

In summary, I can say, it was interesting, fun and different. During the session, Claire showed me a number of pictures and I selected my preferences. We also spoke about my personality and any particular traits, and these provided her with the perfumes which would potentially fit with my personality. Apparently I am elegant, sensual and daring, well, about this last point….it depends in relation to what I guess (you won’t get to see me bungee jumping anytime soon)😉 It was surprising, but in truth I had a tried a number of the perfumes which she recommended and my favourite perfume was on the list 🙂

Claire did introduce some new perfumes which I hadn’t yet tried , and so I will be putting these on my list to give them a go. I do have my favourite perfumes, however I like trying out new fragrances 🙂 In particular, I am curious to try the Trussardi perfumes which are part of a collection all named after different areas in Milan…I am intrigued with this collection.

I do recommend this session, as it something different and fun to do and I actually learnt new things about fragrances and the ingredients used and the various families, floral, oriental etc. I learnt about what I typically go for when looking at perfumes I had purchased. I also think this is a great initiative by Franks in engaging with their customers, and reaching out to them. Other sessions are now being organised with respect to skincare and make-up, so do have a look and I highly recommend attending one of these.

Have a good week!

Take care



Blogger’s block…read on :)


Hope you are all doing well. I have posted a few pictures in the past few weeks, trying to keep the positive vibes going, however I have to be honest…I struggled with writing a blog post. This is a fashion blog, what do you write about during this time, not wanting to be either insensitive to the situation yet not negative…🧐

In truth my fashion blog is sometimes a bit of a journal. So here goes. I had some teeth trouble when very few dentists are seeing patients given the situation. My family and friends called all the dentists they know to help me out, and I must say I am truly blessed and lucky to have such amazing people who care for me 🙂

During this time, even although we are not meeting up, we stay connected thanks to technology and I still get to have my girlie conversations and have a good laugh with them.

My mum lives on her own and given her age, we cannot go visit her. Her neighbour prepared Easter lunch for her today …small gestures which mean so much. It brings out the good in people.

Spending less and pampering oneself
Many people are going through financial paycuts given the covid situation. When one is used to a certain lifestyle and in matter of a few weeks has to change this to make meets end….it’s not easy. So, if you have to sacrifice your favourite face mask because at this point it is no longer a priority, it does not mean you have to give up on your beauty treatments. There are many ways of doing natural face masks with ingredients you have at home. If you run a search on the web, you will find loads of DIY beauty tricks 😉

Organise your wardrobe , make-up and skin care, and you will realise that you have items which are very similar and duplicates. This will make you think twice before actually purchasing items, and you will ask yourself…do I have one like it…? If so…do I really “need” this😉

Most of us are locked inside and not dressing up to go to work or out for the w-end. So you may give in to the temptation of staying in your pjs or tracksuits all day. Of course, at home one wants to feel comfortable, however wearing a nice top with leggings gives me a feel good factor. Also, now is the time to experiment…go though your clothes and see what you can either restyle or recycle 😬 I found some long cardigans which I haven’t used in a while, these are classic which came in very handy for using indoors…clear up your wardrobe and organise them and you will be surprised…;)

Let me know what topics you would like me to write in my blog. Let’s stay positive and as I always say, dress up, chin up and now stay safe…😘

Wishing you all a Happy Easter!

Take care



Partial lockdown…what to do…?

Hello everyone!

I spent some time thinking about what to write in my next fashion blog given the current situation. Here in Malta we are on partial lockdown, many of us are working from home and all schools, gyms, bars and restaurants are now closed. We find ourselves in a surreal situation…how do we manage this…? I am no professional to be giving advice, but this is how I am trying to cope and here are me two pennies worth…😉


I’ve come to realise that I need routine in my life…so even although I am working from home, I need my time table. I wake up at my usual time, have my coffee, shower followed by skin care routine. Ladies, let’s come out of this with radiant skin 😉 Morning skincare to me is a ritual…it does not take a lot of your time. I then still put on some make-up, just because I feel better.


Following instructions from the authorities, schools have been closed, including my dance school…so no happy place for me for now 😭. Having said that my school will be sending us clips with dance exercises and maybe online lessons too☺️

Every morning I do my 20 push ups, however this is not sufficient exercise seeing I am spending a lot of time at home, so I’m back to my solo jogging routines, given we can still go out for now. Clearly, if this changes…I will need to find some home exercises … exercise helps me switch off and get away from all the posts and opinions of people about covid19 on social media…and also away from the fridge for a little while 😜


I enjoy reading, and with less social events to attend, I might actually reach and surpass my goal for the reading challenge 🙂 my books are stacked on my bedside table and my digital books on my tablet…just waiting to be read 😉


Of course, if we are working from home, I won’t be in my smart outfits and heels, but no way will I stay in pjs or a dressing gown🤦‍♀️. I wear comfy clothes, and just in case I have a vid conference perhaps a blazer paired with sweat pants…😜 We are not prohibited to go out as yet, but social distancing is highly recommended. A friend of mine suggested we go back to a few centuries ago, and wear the fully blown Victorian dresses, and voila, we are a metre away from each other 😉

I will try post some ootd, perhaps spring outfits, to have some normality in this time which feels quite the opposite.


As you know by now, I love music and it keeps my spirits high. So since I am spending a lot of time at home, dance classes have been cancelled and socializing is very limited… music becomes even more essential! When I feel anxious or I start overthinking, I connect my Spotify music to my beloved portable speaker and sing and dance away my frustrations…

And just for the kicks, I asked my friends to come up with a list of songs to have a COVID19 top 10 playlist…and they never disappoint…we have more than 10;)

  • Nothing’s gonna stop us now
  • Should I stay or should I go
  • I will survive
  • La solitudine
  • Under pressure
  • Our house
  • Time after time
  • Tainted love
  • Sit and wait
  • All by myself

My favorite song at this time is the song Gimme Hope Joanna, I love the upbeat song with the word hope, and it reminds me of a fun wedding with great friends and colleagues, all dressed up to the nines where we danced the night away… a great memory which brings a smile to my face.

Let me know which songs you would add to the list above😉

This was my light hearted blog post to keep our sanity 🙂

Do listen and follow all that the health authorities are asking from us, if we all do our part, we can…beat it, just beat it 😉

Take care

Lots of love



Women’s Day Special 🌼

Good morning and happy women’s day ladies!

Firstly, a big thank you to all the women in my life. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by women who have my back. My mum, who raised me to be independent yet respectful of others, my sister who spoils me rotten, my bestie who knows exactly what I need…every time, the ladies in the team I work in, I could not ask for better colleagues xxx I could go on a write about women’s day and how I believe that growth and success should not have anything to do about gender and irrespective of whether one is male or female we all have our responsibilities and should work together and not compete…but this is a fashion blog, so …let’s keep it light 😉

Last week was the birthday of one of my friends and she asked some of the girls to join her for a one night pop over to Gozo. It so happened that it was just a week before woman’s day and so I decided to recount our fun w-end and obviously share with you the outfits we took up and tell you what we were up to!

Ingrid (the birthday girl), Maronna, Helena and myself met up on Saturday morning to cross over to Gozo with one car. This is what happens when you tell the girls that I would be blogging about our w end and outfits…

Plan was to have a light lunch, and then off for an afternoon at the spa… I told the girls I wanted to take a few pics of how we really are when we take a pic, and how other bloggers would pose… so enjoy some of our funny pics taken 😉

This is us 🙂

This is us trying to pout…😂

Maronna in her morning outfit…I so love the boots!

Ingrid loving her new bag …and so do we!

Off to the spa, we were booked for massages. We had a few hours of total relaxation, forgetting all our troubles.

Top pic is what we thought we looked like, bottom pic is so us…😜

After spa drink and off we went to get ready for our dinner. We got all glammed up for the night…have a look at the lovely outfits, but more importantly the way these ladies pulled it off!


Our birthday girl Ingrid, opted for a red top and striped coloured skirt. Ingrid loves colours and she can pull of some outfits with different colours which few people can. She completed her look with a desigual coat and wow did she look one confident, don’t mess with me woman!

I opted for a plain black dress, with some detail at the top, and I wore a fluffy yellow bag to add some colour:)

Maronna went for a combination of red and black, she opted for black pants, paired up with a frilly red top and desigual leather jacket. Very casual chic style…so Maronna ☺️ Tres chic…

Finally, Helena in her lbd…and didn’t she look stunning! Helena wore a black desigual dress complemented with blush nude accessories.

We had a lovely evening together, chatting away and making memories.

We ended our night by meeting up all in one room, and the girls introduced me to a series I had never watched…Miranda. These instances are testimony to the camaraderie between us. We had a good laugh followed by a good night sleep.

The next morning we took it easy, roamed around Gozo, we went to Citadella and walked around and then stopped for Sunday lunch. It was then time to setback home. Spending time with the girls is always a feel good factor.

To end my blog post of woman’s day, I would like to thank those men in my life, who have shown me respect, and irrespective of my gender or age believe in me and my capabilities. Together is how we bring about change ☺️

Have a lovely Sunday

Much love



Our Gozo album below…😉

DIY pampering session :-)

Hello ladies ☺️

Last Friday, husband had an event to go to and I had the house to myself and after a long week I decided to treat myself to some me time.

At my age I am still spoilt by mummy, and she prepared one of her homemade dishes for me. So dinner was set, I opened a good bottle of wine to accompany my meal and helped myself to two glasses ☺️ I thought I deserved some chocolate after that and watched an F1 series I discovered on Netflix, whilst eating my dinner…bliss.

I then prepared the bathroom for a long hot shower, lit on my guerlain aroma candles, switched on Spotify on my favourite playlist and left all the stress of the week away from my surroundings… I used a body scrub which was given to me by a friend for the secret Santa exchange (thank you…love it) and treated my bleached highlighted hair to a treatment, which I highly recommend. The treatment is called Link-d (I used numbers 3 and 4), after the first shampoo you apply a generous amount of the conditioner, towel dry your hair and apply a leave in conditioner of the same brand. My hair feels soft and smooth. I applied my milkshake leave in mousse to add more moisture to it and hair feels regenerated 🙂

Hair was done, it was then time for skincare. I applied a hypoallergenic body lotion which works wonders and is not expensive ladies ☺️ from the Uriage brand. I cleansed my face with the Make-up factory face wash (it leaves no traces of make-up!) I then applied my guerlain eye cream and skin clinic serum and night cream, I massaged my face with the said creams and was ready to jump into bed.

Into a fresh pair of pjs, I made myself a herbal tea, and jumped straight to bed. I decided to sleep to an old romcom movie, You‘ve got Mail. Love the scene when they connect to the internet with a modem…today’s generation won’t recall the patience it took to connect to the net😉 I did not get to watch all the movie, as somewhere along the way I fell asleep, which I guess is a good sign, as it means I was relaxed and drifted off to dreamworld…

We all need some time to ourselves to re-energise and look after ourselves. We lead busy lives (and I wouldn’t want it any other way to be honest), however sometimes it is good to switch off for a while and spoil ourselves. You do not need to spend a fortune, just make some time to yourselves, eat your favorite food, and treat yourselves to some treatments ☺️

Let me know whether you find some time to switch off once in a while, and what do you to spoil YOU!

I feel ready and set to face the coming week, just put on a smile…and voila …let’s do this ☺️

Have a good one